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Above and Beyond

Elizabeth and Hawk watch in horror as Meliodas was defeated by Helbram, Ban grab King and told Elizabeth Ban taking Elizabeth and King away from the fight Ban taking Elizabeth and King away from the fight that they had to retreat. Elizabeth refuse to retreat and leave Meliodas behind, but Ban grab Elizabeth and told her it was too dangerous to be around, and run away from the fight.

Later Diane found Meliodas and end up crushing Vaizel while Ban and the rest were running away from. After Diane saved Meliodas, Elizabeth and Hawk watch in shock what happen to Vaizel to which Ban told them it was too dangerous for them to be around.

Hawk wound were later got treated and headed with the rest to a new location. Later when the Deadly Sins brought back an old member, Gowther , they had a party to which Hawk chatted with Gowther.

Gowther wonders how he talks to which Hawk responds he doesn't know, but when Gowther asks why he eats leftovers, Hawk said they taste good. As Meliodas explained the history of his Broken Sword and the Ancient War, Hawk yelled out that the seal is broken, but then said he has to poop.

Before Hawk could poop, the latter asked Meliodas why they needed Elizabeth to which a mysterious Holy Knight appeared and said that Elizabeth is the last "key" to open the Demon Realm.

Then the Holy Knight teleports Elizabeth and Hawk by mistake. As they were teleported to Liones, Elizabeth found out that Hawk was taken as well and that Hawk still needed to go to the toilet. Hawk smashed through the door not wanting his pride to be ruined before Elizabeth though she told Hawk there is a toilet in the jail.

Elizabeth and Hawk then tried to escape until one of the guard found them, Elizabeth told Hawk that they should hide, but Hawk attacked the guard, knocking him out cold. Elizabeth realized that they were in an underground dungeon and called out for her father and Margaret, and then heard Margaret's voice.

As Elizabeth was chatting with Margaret and trying to set her free, the unknown female Holy Knight appears to them again and try to stop the princesses from escaping.

But Hawk used his "forbidden" technique, Forget Meal, to stop the female Holy Knight through her blind spot. Hawk stood strong and claim to protect the princess no matter what, but the Holy Knight enrage at Hawk for being a pig and teleport him to an off dark location with a twisted horn behind him. As Hawk was wandering around the room, Hawk wonder where is the other Deadly Sins, thinking they are being useless.

Hawk then decided to go and save Elizabeth by himself until he heard a foot step and hide inside the horn. Hawk found out that it was Ban and that the horn he was in, was the Horn of Cernunnos which able the person to speak with the Goddess Clan. Ban requests the Goddess to take his immortal life for a girl named Elaine to be revived.

Ban heard a voice and was shocked to see that Hawk was there. After Hawk explained to him how he ended up there, he suggested to go and save Elizabeth, but Ban told him to go ahead without him. Ban was thinking that there must be something he can do and in that moment a voice spoke from the Horn telling him that there is something he can do.

The Goddess told him that due to the Ancient War, they lost their power and it will need time for them to regain their physical forms. Ban was skeptical that the Goddess will so easily agree to take his life and bring Elaine back to life, but the Goddess told him that she will not take his life, but will ask him to do a mission and if he succeeds, she will bring the fairy back to life.

Hawk told him that this sounds shady, but received a double shut up from both Ban and the Goddess. Ban then told the Goddess he will do the mission. The mission revealed that he must kill a man who right now goes by the name of Meliodas from the Seven Deadly Sins, which was a shock to Ban.

However, Ban started to attack Meliodas to the latter shock as Ban rip Meliodas arm off. As the two battle, Hawk tries to stop Ban, by saying they will not be friends if he killed Meliodas which Ban responds that they weren't friends which shock Hawk, however he told Hawk if he stops him, then try as he shows a sign that despite choosing Elaine, he doesn't want to kill Meliodas Hawk then count front Ban, saying if he will really what the horn would say and that isn't Meliodas his friend.

Ban told Hawk that Meliodas was his greatest friend, but want Elaine to be back. Upset at this, Hawk said what if Elaine didn't come back, he will lose his friend and Elaine might not be happy about this.

Ban told Hawk what should he do, as when Elaine died, he was depressed, but when he met the other Deadly Sins, he kept himself distracted, but he still knows that he will be alone forever, be it in this world or next, saying this world without her is like Hell. Hawk didn't understand Ban, but Meliodas said he understood Ban, but said that they should put their fight in a hold until they solve the current matter as the Deadly Sins, which Ban said he understands.

Meliodas than ordered Hawk to carry him to Elizabeth location where it is in Merlin old castle while he sleeps on Hawk to regain his strength. Hawk agreed and gladly took Meliodas to save Elizabeth and because he is his friend while Ban told him to take care of Meliodas. After successfully taking Meliodas to Merlin's old castle, he was then ordered to take an injured Elizabeth to safety while his master battles Hendrickson. As all the Holy Knights of the kingdom surround Merlin's old castle to prevent Hendrickson's escape, Hawk and Margaret remained with Elizabeth's side as she was given medical treatment by a Holy Knight with healing power.

When Hendrickson defeated the Deadly Sins with his new form and attack the Holy Knights, Hawk tried his best to protect the healing Elizabeth as best as he could, until he was knock out.

When Hendrickson was about to unleash his deadly attack, Dead End, upon the collapse Meliodas and Elizabeth, Hawk ran in front of them, blocking the way for the Dead End. Meliodas, Ban, and Elizabeth plead Hawk to leave before Dead End hit him, but Hawk refuse, saying that if he knew he was going to die, might have his last leftover and told everyone to not die.

His "death" angered the Sins and caused Elizabeth's powers to awaken. However, much time later, the black matter on Hawk started to fade away and revealed him alive but in a much smaller size as he shrunk, but everyone was overjoyed to have their friend back.

As Liones was being rebuilt due to the battle, Meliodas and Hawk watch over the injured and unconsciousness Elizabeth as she rests in her bedroom. Hawk wondered why Elizabeth didn't heal herself while she healed everyone else in the kingdom. Merlin appeared out of nowhere due to teleport, and stated that Elizabeth unlock her power without thinking which healed everyone else because she was thinking about others than herself.

Even if Elizabeth had some magic left, she still wouldn't heal herself which led to Hawk tearing up, believing that Elizabeth should at least think about her health first. Meliodas revealed that he still wanted to know what happened ten years ago while Merlin seem interested in Hawk, calling him a hero which made the tiny pig happy and befriend Merlin. Meliodas realize that he forgot something and went back to Elizabeth room while Hawk yelled at him that he shouldn't do something weird to Elizabeth while she sleeps.

When Merlin and Margaret appeared in front of Elizabeth room, Meliodas step out of the room with a grin which made some of them worried that he did something weird, until it was revealed that Elizabeth is up and healed for unknown reason.

Hawk was overjoy to see Elizabeth standing again, but wondered why she is moving again. Merlin seems to know what Meliodas did as it was revealed that Meliodas held her hand and told her that he can't live without her which made her wake up. Meliodas took Hawk back to the Boar Hat as Ban feed Hawk with expired food until Gilthunder appeared as he is dress casualty and wanted to chat with Meliodas.

Gilthunder stare at Hawk while the latter seem annoyed and on guard which Gilthunder knows that Hawk is still mad at him from the Forest of White Dreams event, and ask him for his forgiven, despite knowing it will take some time. However, it was revealed that Hawk was being on guard for his leftover and doesn't seem to remember what happened in the forest.

The next day, during the award ceremony for the Deadly Sins and Hawk effort for saving Liones, Hawk somehow manage to regrow back to normal size, possibly due to eating a lot of leftovers. At some point before the award ceremony, Hawk was given the Eye of Balor by Merlin who then explained the functions behind it as the talking pig saw the Power Levels of the Holy Knights passing by.

When Hawk asked Merlin of his Power Level, the Boar's Sin of Gluttony claimed that his Power Level is much to his joy and fed his ego, not knowing it was a playful lie. His ego is further ruined when he read out Diane's and Merlin's Power Levels. However, after reading Gilthunder , Griamore , and Howzer , Hawk ego was restored which their power level are around a thousand.

When Gowther toss away his medicine from Merlin, Hawk ends up eating it, thinking it was leftover which led to him having strange behaviors which revealed that the medicine were supposed to reduce Gowther emotions and behavior.

Once they trap Gowther in doll form and chatted at the bar, Merlin soon teleported them to Camelot to battle against an Albion which Hawk was stunned at the beast power level, being close to Hendrickson Gray Demon Form. Merlin protected Hawk, Elizabeth and Arthur by using Perfect Cube , and watch helpless as the Deadly Sins were easily defeated and led to be killed by Galand, until it was revealed to be an illusion from Gowther. Hawk and the others soon were saddened about losing to Galand. However, Meliodas soon lift everyone spirit by stating to train more to get stronger and a strategy, even Arthur and Elizabeth have to awake their hidden powers as well, which Hawk believed he already unlocks his powers.

However, the situation grew grim when Diane lose her memories and left to go to Megadozer which the group followed her, but end up getting attacked by Monspeet 's Hellblaze , but, luckily, Hawk Mama eat the Hellblaze with ease. The group then decided to go to Istar to start their training and to regain Meliodas strength back. However, after his training, Hawk came out of the cave with a new form which the group even refuse to talk about it much to Hawk's dismay.

After Meliodas regains his power that had been sealed by the Druids and had a brief confrontation with the Ten Commandments, Hawk reads his power level at 3, When Meliodas says that they must find Escanor , Hawk says that he is strong enough, leading Meliodas to reveal that Escanor is actually stronger than him.

Hawk, partnering with Elizabeth, encounters Diane who lost her memories due to Gowther's power, Lost World, and was also separated from her companion, Matrona. Not remembering, Diane tries to cook and eat Hawk like she did when she met him. After following Diane through the labyrinth, the three are attacked by a group of Prankster Imps who take the appearance of Meliodas, but are saved by Howzer and Gilthunder. Hawk is surprised and bitten by a small Earth Crawler that comes out of the ground.

However, Hawk defends himself by devouring the entire creature and, to everyone's surprise, ends up transforming into a creature-like form, revealing the nature of his new magical power, Transpork. However, the group is attacked by a giant Earth Crawler. Hawk manages to escape danger with the digging skills of his new form. After being received by Drole and Gloxinia , all participants are separated into teams of two for the fight festival.

Hawk is paired with Escanor and appointed to fight with Gowther and Jericho. Hawk feels confident of defeating them after reading their power levels, however Escanor is scared and asks to withdraw from the competition, but the Commandments do not allow it. When Gowther and Jericho argue about facing their comrades or not, Jericho tries to hit him just so Gowther knocks her out.

Upset, Hawk tries to face Gowther, but he stops him easily and defeats him by stamping him on the ground. Upon awakening and finding Escanor unconscious after his attack, Hawk fearfully returns Gowther to his glasses and discovers that Escanor had rendered Drole and Gloxinia incapacitated with his attack. After unleashing a battle between Meliodas and the two Commandments, Hawk is taken along with all the other participants as hostages by Drole, encasing them in his giant hands of rock.

Hawk insists that they should go to help Meliodas, but Ban reproaches him that then they would only be a nuisance. Hawk is then teleported to Liones with the rest by Gilfrost and watch the fight through his crystal ball. When Meliodas is finally overcome by all the Ten Commandments at once, Hawk watches in pain as he is killed by Estarossa. A while later, Elizabeth and Hawk are surprised at the bar by one of the participants of the Fight Festival, Silver, who to the surprise of both, is revealed as the Great Holy Knight, Zaratras.

Hawk initially believes him an imposter to see his silly attitude, but Elizabeth confirms that it is Zaratras and that it has not changed at all. After a conversation in which Hawk is irritated by the attitude of Zaratras, the two lead him with the dead body of Meliodas. There, Zaratras uses a druid spell to take him, Elizabeth and Hawk to the memories of Meliodas.

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