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Electricity and Gas If the wiring is ok then you have a legal right to electricity. The Committee began examining evidence on November 20, And give yourself one, too. These can include but are not limited to , genitals, genetics, epigenetics, neurology, endocrinology, etc. Over time, although there were more Creole marriages with Chinese, there was a growth of Indian marriages with Chinese and it was reported that "It is not an uncommon thing to find a cooly woman living with a Chinaman as his wife, and in one or two instances the woman has accompanied her reputed husband to China. Joey November 20, at 2:

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Daily Show host Trevor Noah's stepfather tried to hunt and kill him

Because it is wasteful and obscene for thousands of properties to lie empty when there are people homeless or struggling to pay rent. Because Office of Housing waiting lists are too long.

Because you are sick of dealing with nosy landlords who always hassle you when you are late with rent, but have no problem taking weeks or months or years to do simple repairs. Because no one should get rich by forcing others to pay for the simple necessity of shelter.

Because you want some control over your living and working space. Because housing is a basic human right and sometimes you have to take action to assert your rights. Melbourne has a variety of empty properties ranging from totally destroyed shells to perfectly liveable places that have nothing wrong with them.

The best way to find a squat is to simply walk or ride around the streets and look for the obvious signs. Is there mail overflowing from the letterbox?

Is the power off? Does anyone answer when you knock on the door? If unsure, you might want to ask a neighbour, a postie or a local shop owner if anyone is living in or using the property. If you decide to be straight up then explain your case to them.

Tell them how you came to be in the situation you are in. If needs be quote some figures on homelessness and the waiting list for public housing. The housing crisis means that thousands of people are unable to find affordable housing in the private rental market.

Explain that you will look after the property and protect it from vandals. Most people will find out this information before moving in, but you may choose to squat first and find out who the owner is later. This information can be obtained by talking to the neighbours or checking the mail for rates notices. Failing this you can call up or go to the rates department of your local council.

Many councils will only give you information about a property if you say you are a neighbour so you may need the name of the person next door. A story explaining why you want the owners name and details will also be useful. This could include claiming that the fence is falling down, trees are causing damage, etc. If there are plans for the house to be demolished or renovated then these plans will bear the owners name and address and will have been submitted for approval at the Town Planning Department of the local council.

Anyone can go there and ask to see them. You can also conduct a search online with a credit card at www. Knowing who owns the property might help you determine how you proceed with squatting it and what you chances are of staying on. Knowing their details also allows you to prevent anyone except the owner from evicting you see legal section. On rare occasions the police may come off their own bat and try to throw you out. Similarly government properties and bankrupt properties can often be left empty for years, although you will generally be evicted immediately should they discover you.

If a house is privately owned you may have the option to negotiate. You can contact the owner before you move in to explain that you are on a low or no income and offer to take care of the property in order to maintain it and protect it from vandals. You may want to offer to pay the rates or a nominal amount of rent as well.

In the majority of cases you will be turned down so it may be better just to move in and wait until the owners find you before attempting to negotiate.

By then you may find yourself in a stronger position as you will be able to point to the various work you have done around the property. If you do wind up paying some form of rent then try and get a receipt or agreement as once you are renting you will be subject to the usual rules regarding tenancies. Often this will be the easiest part.

Most places have been left empty for some time and there may be broken or unlocked windows and doors. Check all the obvious access points such as doors, windows, skylights, holes covered by boards or tin, etc.

When opening your squat you should bring along new barrels for locks, slide bolts, a torch or candles and some basic tools. Once inside your new home you will firstly need to change all the locks so that you can feel safe and secure. Most houses are fitted with the standard Lockwood barrel lock.

You will need a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the three screws from the back section. Remove these and the barrel will be released. The barrel should be the only part of the lock that needs replacing. These can be purchased at any hardware store.

The replacement process is pretty straightforward. Most of the problems associated with the process concern the proper fitting of the tongue inside the lock. Sometimes the tongue is too long and will need trimming to suit the thickness of the door. You can tell if the tongue is too long by sliding the barrel into position with the tongue fitted into the slot provided.

To shorten the tongue and properly fit the lock to the door you will need a hacksaw and something to hold it pliers or vice while you cut it to the proper length. If there is a deadlock in place then you will need to jemmy the door from the doorway and use screwdrivers to force the lock tongue and the deadlock button back into the lock.

The door should then be able to be opened. Once it is open remove the screws from the side to take the back off and replace the lock mechanism.

With some deadlocks the back section is all one part so you will have to remove it and get a new one. Mortise locks are easy to replace if the door is not locked. If it is and there is enough room then you can try to cut through the bolt in between the door and the frame.

An easier, but more destructive method is to cut a section out of the door frame. Using a hammer and chisel cut around where the lock goes into the frame until it opens.

You can then remove and replace the lock before nailing a plank onto the door frame to give it back its strength. If it is a back or side door then you may just want to a plank on and then nail on one or two sliding locks. There are many different types of locks.

If you encounter difficulties then talking to the staff at a hardware store may be the best option as they should know what to do or at least have some diagrams. The first few days and weeks after opening your squat are critical so make sure that no one is left alone and that the property is left empty as little as possible during this time.

There will probably be quite a few things that need repairing and cleaning up anyway. Ask friends to come over to help, and just to be there.

Cleaning up any rubbish that has been left outside, putting up curtain, etc will send a clear message to the neighbours that you are not going to trash the place. Most empty houses are old and their essential facilities need repair. Here are some suggestions about doing basic repairs:. Broken Copper Pipes Make sure the water mains are turned off.

Broken or cracked water piping most houses have copper can be cut and repaired. First, cut out the cracked section with a hacksaw. Then get a piece of garden hose and two hose-clips, which must be the right size to fit the hose to the pipe.

Put the clips in the centre of the hose piece, then slip the copper pipe into one end and out the other. To finish up, place the clips on either side of the hose and tighten the clips with the right screwdriver. If you have cracks in bends — such as traps under sinks or basins — take to it with leak sealant. When using a sealant, ensure that the surface is dry for better and longer sealing.

If it is a straight section of pipe, get some duct tape and secure it tightly around the pipe so that there are no air bubbles. Again, there has to be a dry surface for better sealing. Leaking Taps Before you repair anything, make sure the water is turned off at the mains. If the tap is leaking at the joining of the lever then simply unscrew the lever anti-clockwise with a wrench or shifting spanner, wrap some Teflon tape tightly around the worn thread a number of times and screw the lever back on clockwise.

If the tap is leaking while it is off, then the problem is in the spindle, and the cause is probably an old or deteriorated washer. Usually you will need just a shifting spanner and, for old, badly corroded taps, some kind of spray lubricant. To change the washer:. Toilets For everything you ever wanted to know about fixing a toilet see www.

For more information on doing repairs visit: Electricity, water and gas legally cannot be denied to you as long as the wiring and plumbing is still intact. To get these services connected all that is usually required is a phone call to the appropriate company, when you may need to provide a work or real estate agent phone number as a character reference or information about your Centrelink status. Nevertheless, corporate service providers sometimes make it difficult for squatters to have access to these services so, again, be assertive and demand access if need be.

If they are being difficult, an assertive reminder of department policy will often help. Try not to tell them you are squatting and always check and, where possible, repair plumbing and wiring before applying for connection. If you cannot repair the parts, and services are unavailable until repairs are made, you may need the services of a tradesperson. Water The water is usually connected. This means every three months or so you will receive a bill for water consumption.

The owner should be paying water rates on the premises, but some owners who leave buildings empty also neglect to pay rates. Failure to pay rates will often result in the water being turned off at the mains. This will probably mean explaining you are squatting and have no contact with the owner. If an agreement to stay and pay some rates is made between you and the owner, try and get it confirmed in writing as it could be used as evidence of an implied license for you to stay until the end of the agreed period.

Electricity and Gas If the wiring is ok then you have a legal right to electricity. Sometimes you will have to provide I. D and something to prove you are a legitimate resident such as a lease. Here, a good story will often go a long way and get you connected without I.

Asked if Noah ever ran away from home, Patricia said: But Patricia said that a young Noah carefully looked after his possessions and kept a very tidy bedroom. When it came to girls Noah kept them a secret from his strict mother.

My philosophy is to learn from life, past life and you will be a stable person. Like your wildest dreams can become true. It appears Noah is final realizing those dreams.

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Share this article Share. Trevor has caused Africa's drum to beat again, he has encouraged many to walk on the water and stand on the sea. He has always been a big thinker, he has never been limited. I tried to encourage him to be the best that he can be wherever he is. Share or comment on this article: Daily Show host Trevor Noah's stepfather tried to hunt and kill him e-mail 1.

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Quiz challenges players to name the capital cities of 25 far-flung Killer storm Florence weakens to a tropical depression - but officials warn the devastation is far from over Florence likely to expose gaps in flood insurance: Number of homes covered is down in the Carolinas is down The power of accuser, prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner are all consolidated in this one man, and those powers are exercised in the dark.

During the Bush years, when Bush refused to disclose the memoranda from his Office of Legal Counsel OLC that legally authorized torture, rendition, warrantless eavesdropping and the like, leading Democratic lawyers such as Dawn Johnsen Obama's first choice to lead the OLC vehemently denounced this practice as a grave threat, warning that "the Bush Administration's excessive reliance on 'secret law' threatens the effective functioning of American democracy" and "the withholding from Congress and the public of legal interpretations by the [OLC] upsets the system of checks and balances between the executive and legislative branches of government.

But when it comes to Obama's assassination power, this is exactly what his administration has done. It has repeatedly refused to disclose the principal legal memoranda prepared by Obama OLC lawyers that justified his kill list.

In sum, Obama not only claims he has the power to order US citizens killed with no transparency, but that even the documents explaining the legal rationale for this power are to be concealed. He's maintaining secret law on the most extremist power he can assert. Last night, NBC News' Michael Isikoff released a page "white paper" prepared by the Obama DOJ that purports to justify Obama's power to target even Americans for assassination without due process the memo is embedded in full below.

This is not the primary OLC memo justifying Obama's kill list - that is still concealed - but it appears to track the reasoning of that memo as anonymously described to the New York Times in October This new memo is entitled: It claims its conclusion is "reached with recognition of the extraordinary seriousness of a lethal operation by the United States against a US citizen".

Yet it is every bit as chilling as the Bush OLC torture memos in how its clinical, legalistic tone completely sanitizes the radical and dangerous power it purports to authorize.

I've written many times at length about why the Obama assassination program is such an extreme and radical threat - see here for one of the most comprehensive discussions, with documentation of how completely all of this violates Obama and Holder's statements before obtaining power - and won't repeat those arguments here.

Instead, there are numerous points that should be emphasized about the fundamentally misleading nature of this new memo:. The core distortion of the War on Terror under both Bush and Obama is the Orwellian practice of equating government accusations of terrorism with proof of guilt. One constantly hears US government defenders referring to "terrorists" when what they actually mean is: This entire memo is grounded in this deceit.

Time and again, it emphasizes that the authorized assassinations are carried out "against a senior operational leader of al-Qaida or its associated forces who poses an imminent threat of violent attack against the United States.

That's the "reasoning" process that has driven the War on Terror since it commenced: But of course, when this memo refers to "a Senior Operational Leader of al-Qaida", what it actually means is this: Indeed, the memo itself makes this clear, as it baldly states that presidential assassinations are justified when " an informed, high-level official of the US government has determined that the targeted individual poses an imminent threat of violent attack against the US". This is the crucial point: It is justifying the due-process-free execution of people secretly accused by the president and his underlings, with no due process, of being that.

The distinction between a government accusations and b proof of guilt is central to every free society, by definition, yet this memo - and those who defend Obama's assassination power - willfully ignore it.

Those who justify all of this by arguing that Obama can and should kill al-Qaida leaders who are trying to kill Americans are engaged in supreme question-begging. Without any due process, transparency or oversight, there is no way to know who is a "senior al-Qaida leader" and who is posing an "imminent threat" to Americans. All that can be known is who Obama, in total secrecy, accuses of this.

Indeed, membership in al-Qaida is not even required to be assassinated, as one can be a member of a group deemed to be an "associated force" of al-Qaida, whatever that might mean: The definition of an extreme authoritarian is one who is willing blindly to assume that government accusations are true without any evidence presented or opportunity to contest those accusations.

This memo - and the entire theory justifying Obama's kill list - centrally relies on this authoritarian conflation of government accusations and valid proof of guilt. They are not the same and never have been. Such unchecked accusatory decrees are inherently untrustworthy indeed, Yemen experts have vehemently contested the claim that Awlaki himself was a senior al-Qaida leader posing an imminent threat to the US.

That's why due process is guaranteed in the Constitution and why judicial review of government accusations has been a staple of western justice since the Magna Carta: That is the age-old basic right on which this memo, and the Obama presidency, is waging war. The most vital fact to note about this memorandum is that it is not purporting to impose requirements on the president's power to assassinate US citizens.

When it concludes that the president has the authority to assassinate "a Senior Operational Leader of al-Qaida" who "poses an imminent threat of violent attack against the US" where capture is "infeasible", it is not concluding that assassinations are permissible only in those circumstances. To the contrary, the memo expressly makes clear that presidential assassinations may be permitted even when none of those circumstances prevail: Critically, the rationale of the memo - that the US is engaged in a global war against al-Qaida and "associated forces" - can be easily used to justify presidential assassinations of US citizens in circumstances far beyond the ones described in this memo.

If you believe the president has the power to execute US citizens based on the accusation that the citizen has joined al-Qaida, what possible limiting principle can you cite as to why that shouldn't apply to a low-level al-Qaida member, including ones found in places where capture may be feasible including US soil? The purported limitations on this power set forth in this memo, aside from being incredibly vague, can be easily discarded once the central theory of presidential power is embraced.

The primary theory embraced by the Bush administration to justify its War on Terror policies was that the "battlefield" is no longer confined to identifiable geographical areas, but instead, the entire globe is now one big, unlimited "battlefield". That theory is both radical and dangerous because a president's powers are basically omnipotent on a "battlefield". There, state power is shielded from law, from courts, from constitutional guarantees, from all forms of accountability:

1. Equating government accusations with guilt