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I'm not used to eating that much! And if this program gives you the boost you need to get started, so be it and I wish you success. You have to titrate your diet, add foods and wean off slowly. I did think I'd just be nuking, but find I'm cooking for my dog now! He just sat there giving me "the look". She lost the weight when she was on Dancing With the Stars not from eating NutriSystem garbage food.

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If you order from their website I think they have two versions: They contain different foods with the ""fresh"" being more pleasant though still bad.

I have always stayed in shape following my own eating plan which is all fresh foods. I would never eat such unhealthy food with additives such as Nuti System and Jenny Craig. My suggestion to you is Weight Watchers. All you foods are fresh not frozen and much healthier. No way would I be a slave to some company's frozen prepackaged foods. I don't really need it that bad to subject myself to all the additives and expense, but I was wondering if it worked as well and as easy as they claim.

I did do some googling to find out what others who have tried it thought, and the reviews were about half and half. Thank you, Circles, for the Wal-Mart info, that's something to keep in mind, and thank you Gemmy for the buddy bucks offer, so nice of you!

I think you may be right, Desertdi, that you could possibly create your own meals at home, and probably a lot healthier without the additives, which kinda scare me. Marie looks great, but I've always wondered how Dolly lost all her weight and has stayed so thin! I ordered a big box of Nutrisystem from Q one time. Tried one snack item and sent it all back as I found the snack dry and tasteless.

You still have to buy groceries to be on the program, fruits, veggies, etc. Also, something about the unrefrigerated entres seemed a little gross to me. Bulk them up with some non-starchy vegetables or a salad and you have a huge plate of food for lunch or dinner and very few calories.

Add some daily fruit, light yogurt, some well-chosen treats, lots of water, keep a daily food diary to monitor your calories and stay within your allotment and viola! There are lots of blogs, vlogs and youtubers that offer food finds and hints for success to help you along the way. You can try myfitnesspal. You can plan your whole day in advance and adjust accordingly or enter foods as you eat them. There are lots of helpful tools and is a very active community that is very helpful.

I ordered a WW At Home kit online from their site years ago. I've never been to a meeting. This is not the first time I have been on the program and lost a good deal of weight, but did not maintain it because I never accepted that it is a permanent lifestyle change until now. I realize that I am not really capable of guesstimating how much I am eating without keeping a food diary.

As you wean you may gain 2 pounds, but can loose it after. Do not get discouraged. The food isnt that bad. Depends on what you choose. It isnt as healthy as real food, but it is short term, and beats being overweight! My daughter is considering trying. Well, I've completed the Fast 5 on Friday. I found there was an awful lot to eat - wasn't used to eating 2 cups of plain veggies a day.

I did cheat one day - had a wicked salt craving so had some saltine crackers. I'm a fussy eater and even enjoyed a few dishes. I did not like the Curb bars - sandy feeling in mouth - but getting used to. Overall the food was good to very good - now I'm talking diet food with no butter, sauces, etc.

Must admit have some Turbo Shakes leftover - just 'cause I wasn't hungry. But will incorporated them into my regular program - three recipes sound yummy and the shakes weren't bad alone.

But, overall it seems to be working! Cannot say how much weight I lost, but feel much less bloated and believe it's starting to work in my core where I carry all my weight. I think the best part of this experience so far is that it's making me get back to proper eating.

Can you believe I am now looking forward to veggies? Saw an ad and the town market now has frozen - spiral - veggies that I can't wait to pick up! My problem now with the veggies is that Eddy is demanding veggies at every meal now! This morning I grated fresh cheddar over his kibble and laid it down on his dinner diner. He just sat there giving me "the look".

So I nuked some mac and leftover broccoli for him. Then he devoured his breakfast! Think we've become a veggie family. I do believe your daughter will enjoy this meal plan - rice, pasta, beans, "pizza" that's a stretch , but what's not to enjoy!

And, if she likes chocolate that's covered too. I had a friend do this. The food they send isn't great tasting or nutritionally great. She spent hours everyday cutting up the gallons of salad and veggies she needed to add. This isn't worth it. If you aren't willing to do all the extra work, this plan probably isn't for you.

No matter what route you go, best of luck eating healthy. From my own experience, you can lose weight by eating normal non diet plan foods that you like, but drastically cutting the caloric intake of those foods. Rather than do this, I'd check out the Atkins frozen breakfasts and dinners. I am a diabetic that must cut carbs. When I don't feel like cooking, the Atkins frozen meals are my "go to foods".

The dinners are tasty and low carb. I add a kale salad or some brussel sprouts or broccoli. I tried a few Nutrisystem foods that I bought at Big Lots a few years ago, for days when I didn't have time to cook. They were awful and certainly not "healthy" and for me they were really too high in carbs.

I find it hard to believe any celebrities actually eat Nutrisystem foods. I am quite sure they have personal chefs that prepare their food. They can certainly afford to do that. If you do decide to order it, good luck to you and I hope you like the food. Browse our new arrivals.

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