Boost Your Immune System: Avoid The Flu Shot

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In this section, we present some ways to accomplish this via our diet. Many mushrooms have immunity enhancing substances but it is best not to overeat them. I've read different things. To boost your immune system, she recommends a generous sprinkling of cinnamon each day. Is there anything people can do to possibly counter it with natural supplements?

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7 Ways to Boost Your Immune System for Cold and Flu Season

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Wholefood Nutrition Loaded with antioxidants that will nourish your body. Perfect Digestive Health page hardcopy and downloadable E-Book versions now available. I really like this product. Fact is, your body has all the tools it needs to protect itself without a toxic flu vaccine, so long as you take safer steps — starting today — to boost your immune system. The DHHS lists 21 different side effects, from mild to serious, that may occur after taking a flu shot or nasal spray on their Flu.

Interestingly, the site lists almost as many serious problems, as it does milder ones. Among the serious side effects stemming from receiving a flu shot that require immediate medical attention:. Despite the long list of serious side effects, statistics about Americans who are sickened or die due to vaccines meant to protect them are virtually impossible to find.

That said, in recent years, some countries have reported serious health problems with flu shots, ranging from narcolepsy in teenagers Sweden, Finland and France to fevers, allergic reactions, headaches and even death Korea. However, American experts are willing to concede one very serious health issue linked with receiving a flu shot: Even though American health officials have claimed the incidence of harm has been rare, the British government had to admit there was a link to GBS during the swine flu wave several years ago.

The network of organs and cells making up your immune system that defend your body from disease.

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