Is Maltitol a Safe Sugar Substitute?

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Beware of the Sugar Alcohol Maltitol
It occurs in nature, chicory leaves contain a small amount, and as such it is sometime described as a natural sweetener. So it should be taken into account when counting carbs. Bill Doc Watson says: Looked on the back of my container and sure enough it was there! There appears to be no scientific evidence about the weight loss promoting effect of maltitol. Both bars contained maltitol. Maltitol is a sugar alcohol a polyol used as a sugar substitute.


The pharmaceutical industry uses maltitol as an excipient , where it is used as a low-calorie sweetening agent. Its similarity to sucrose allows it to be used in syrups with the advantage that crystallization which may cause bottle caps to stick is less likely. Maltitol may also be used as a plasticizer in gelatin capsules, as an emollient , and as a humectant. Maltitol in its crystallized form measures the same bulk as table sugar and browns and caramelizes in a manner very similar to that of sucrose after liquifying by exposure to intense heat.

Due to its sucrose-like structure, maltitol is easy to produce and made commercially available in crystallized, powdered, and syrup forms. It is not metabolized by oral bacteria , so it does not promote tooth decay. It is somewhat more slowly absorbed than sucrose, which makes it somewhat more suitable for people with diabetes than sucrose.

Its food energy value is 2. In countries such as Australia, Canada, Norway, Mexico and New Zealand, maltitol carries a mandatory warning such as "Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Why There's Antifreeze in Your Toothpaste. Ethylene glycol [ citation needed ]. Mannitol Sorbitol Galactitol Iditol. She was sick for two days while I suffered for about four days. We decided, okay, no more sugar free pies.

Now yesterday we picked up some sugar free chocolate chip cookies. Had some last night, I felt fine, a lil gassy, but my mother felt sick. I decided to try some more today and yeah, the bathroom seems to be my new best friend.

Curious we looked at the ingredients and found malitol and sorbitol and a little description and warning for people with diabetes. Maltitol is plant based. It comes from corn and from wheat. The corn based maltitol is usually harsher on your system than the wheat based maltitol. Most products are made with the corn based but yo can find some products with the wheat based maltitol.

However, as with any other food, maltitol effects different people different ways. Just because fatty patty had some diarrhea after eating 5 pounds of sugar free chocolate, doesnt mean maltitol is bad. Just try some for yourself. If it doesnt work for you, than move on. I eat chocolate made with maltitol on a frequent basis and have never had an experience like people claim to have on here.

Glycemic index is totally irrelevant to our line of questioning. The question is not, how fast does maltitol spike blood sugar. The question is, to what extent should maltitol be considered a carbohydrate. That is the real concern. Glycemic index is a red herring. Glycemic load is the real concern. Shame on you Atkins corporation. I just spent 8 hours in the emergency room yesterday due to diarrhea so bad it caused bleeding.

I have eaten a particular semisweet chocolate with Maltitol for years, but this time it really got to me. I had similar, though not as severe incidents from other brands in the past. Also I avoid sorbitol. It is a neurotoxin that has caused me permanent or at least 3 years now eye damage. I was so pleased, as I have been searching for something similar for years … without sugar or very little and without any of the sugar substitutes.

Not a real great time to have this problem. I came home to research maltitol and see what it is… not sure that I want to go back and buy any.. I may try the chocoperfection bars recommended on here, I found there website just by doing a quick search. But some of you have asked about other sugar substitutes….

It is really good and can be used in everything you would use sugar in baking, drinks, sauces, etc. I have been using it for over a year now. A but pricey, but everything good for you is, right! I am sitting here in the worst pain from horrible gas and cramping. Last night I ate Sugar Free Jelly Bellys and like a moron did not pay attention to the warning label that you should only eat 8 at a time. They were so delicious I counsumed 4 times that.

Today at lunchtime I doubled over in pain and have been suffering ever since. I also got total body aches, headache and chills, felt like the flu! Has anyone else experienced this? Now I cant sleeep and I really feel like I was poisoned and my stonmach literally feels bruised from the massive cramps and gas. I am just going to treat myself to a tiny bit of real jelly bellys when I need them.

The nutrition facts listed its dietary fiber 1g , the familiar sugar 0g and something I have never seen before, sugar alcohol 23g! This phony come on verges on the criminal considering how much damage that long run much sugar can do to pre diabetes and diabetes 2 persons.

It could be imminently deadly to unwary diabetes 1 patients. They should package this as an alternative to Ex-Lax. I ate a package of malitol sweetened cherry vines — and I bloated up like a puffer fish, and then went to the bathroom for HOURS.

I was totally dehydrated. Two of my friends told me they had experienced the same thing. Seriously, Malitol is a laxative. Thank you to everyone who has written on this blog. I can taste both Splenda and Stevia — not a good taste, so I avoid them. No problems with xylitol. The best approach is to avoid sweet things altogether. Take a look at this: My stomach has rumbled for the week I have been eating these things, so I started to get concerned about some sort of stomach complication.

Last night I ate 10 pieces of sugar-free chocolate, and thought I was going to pass out with stomach pain and gas this morning. Found this website, pulled the candy bag out of the trash, and guess what the first ingredient listed is? My abdomen feels like it has been ripped open and trampled on after ok greedily consuming a packet of sugar free double d boiled sweets Australian sugar free product yesterday, and I am now 30hrs later just starting to feel normal. I had severe cramps that made me feel like my insides were being ripped apart.

I bought the sugar free life savers. I ate like ten pieces and sat down to lay down, thats when I felt the sharp severe pain come in waves of pain ten seconds apart and with each passing time it grew more violent. It was a few hours later that the pain finally went away. Death would be much more welcome than the pain I felt. I had severe allergic reactions to Isomalt this past week. I also broke out in a terrible rash of whelps all over my body that itched severely and were feverish.

I went to my Dr because at that time did not realize what had caused it. He gave me a shot of cortisone and prescription for prednisone and allergra. Two days later, I was chewing gum that I later found out contained Isomalt and my lips began swelling and felt numbness increasing in my face. Then, my throat began closing up. I went back to my Dr and got another shot of cortisone and large doses of prednisone. Isomalt if a genetically modified sugar beet. I will certainly try to avoid this product as next time I may have to be hospitalized.

This was the scariest thing I have had happen to me!!! I have had a bad taste in my mouth for about a year and unusual heart palpitations. I have been using Truvia, a sweetener made with stevia and erythrotol. I really liked it until I read that the some of the side effects from ingesting Stevia and or truvia were indeed a bad taste in the mouth and heart palpitations. I have quit truvia and I no longer have the bad taste or heart irregularity.

Also,drinking Zevia,a carbonated drink made with stevia also caused undesirable reactions as well. I felt as though I had overdosed on sugar and could hardly function for a day. I tried drinking it several times and had the same reaction. Erythrotol has caused me greater intestinal issues than maltitol. Maltitol derived from wheat is less A problem for me than the corn based maltitol which most sugar free candies are made from.

Well, dieting and eating a lot of whole grains naturally leads to more farting than I was used to. It comes and goes depending.

However, a few months ago I got hooked on those Sugar Free Nips candies. Better late than never but it all makes sense. Meant only in the most politically correct sense of the words. I am really grateful to you all for such a useful information on sugar free products. Can anybody tell me how about Isomalt? I want to use products made of it. Share your experience, I will be grateful to you. Now that I monitor it more closely and keep a food journal I have noticed that if I eat more than a serving 3 squares I do get a more soupy stool.

I also have some bloating…which may be due to the malitol. It will be interesting to see if it completely subsides after more time being malitol-free. Sure enough, I woke up in the middle of the night and felt some hives always in the same spot, on my right bicep.

I had the chocolate the night before. I also was not aware that Malitol is derived from corn or wheat, which are normally not items in my diet. I originally started the diet no sugar, wheat, corn or dairy, except for plain yogurt in the morning due to the yeast, but found it also resolved my blood sugar problems due to being hypoglycemic.

This blog has helped me form a better decision about whether to consume this product. Anything in moderation is not usually harmful, but in one way or another it seems the body is communicating this product is not healthy for us.

What is wrong with our government?! I drink the strongest coffee I can make and never have stomch problems. I have a very,very hi pain tolerance. Every once in a while times a year I get a strange craving for gummy bears. I always just get the regular sugar ones. Well, I found some sugar free and thought I would give them a try. Holy SH— literally 3 hours after consuming,probably about 3 servings, I thought I was going to die.

I had no idea what was wrong with me. I was walking around my house bent over scared to death I was dying,carrying the phone with me everywhere in case I had to call Granted it was labeled but it is a candy that I would imagine kids would be eating. How the hell would a kid have survived this experience is beyond me. I have warned everyone I know about this nasty chemical.

If this stuff can do this to anyones body I would imagine consuming any amount of it is not good for you. As I said it was 4 days ago and my guts still do not feel right. What about people with severe constipation like me? But for me, everything that causes other people diarhia affects me well. And where do you happen to live? This label was one of the reasons I bought it. How do you think maltitol affects constipation in the long run?

Truvia can be purchased at all large grocery stores. I love cookies so I began purchasing Vanderveen brand cookies that were sweetened with Maltitol. At the same time, but without making a connection, I started having breakouts of hives, usually on my upper thighs, beltline, and groin.

These were very aggrivating. My doctor suggested that it was either a food alergy or something in my laundry detergent or dryer sheets contact dermatitis. I was watching for a link to the hives reaction. Then, just the other night I ate a couple of Maltitol-containing sugar-free cookies and the hives were all over the tops of my legs within a few minutes. My daughter gets sick if she eats or drinks artificial sweeteners and that got me to thinking about the Maltitol in my Vanderveen cookies.

I have been eating sugar free candy every day for six months. At first i had small laxative effects. I have lost 63 pounds with no weird diet or exercise. My blood sugar does not spike and has only been high one time in the six months.

What is maltitol?