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You can just set up the position of your LEAF in the settings to the one that you wear the most frequently and your step count should be fine. Can I do that, or will it mess things up? Hi — I absolutely love my Urban Leaf. Reply Kim Martin December 9, at 1: You can set the smart alarm feature on the Misfit Smartphone app, which will wake you up at the most optimal sleep cycle. Reply Bellabeat - Chloe October 10, at 9:


App-solutely everything about the LEAF app

In fact, it has a fantastic 5 ATM 50 meter water-resistance and will track your swim sessions, too. The trackers spit out motivational messages through the day and nudge you with move reminders if you are having a particularly slow day. There is also automatic activity recognition which means you will get credit even if you forget to log a workout. There is one fitness sensor you will find in Ionic but not in Charge 2, and that is the SpO2 sensor. The heart rate monitor still stores data at 1 second intervals during exercise tracking and at 5 second intervals all other times, but on Ionic the quality of readings has been upgraded.

Fitbit Ionic or Apple Watch Series 3 — which to get? When it comes to non-fitness functions, both of these devices show basic notifications and allow for music control.

Ionic also comes with 2. Ionic and Charge 2 are two totally different animals — one is a smartwatch, the other a fitness band. In terms of sensors, there is little difference. Ionic takes everything Charge 2 offers, and upgrades it with an SpO2 sensor.

The heart-rate sensor has been upgraded too. Neither is really anything to write home about. The bigger difference is in the design and smartwatch features. Ionic comes with a water-resistant wrapping and will track your swim sessions, there is built-in GPS for tracking your runs, on-board storage for music, NFC payments and an app store.

It also comes with a beautiful screen, which is right up there with the Apple Watch in terms of quality. So this needs to be taken into consideration when making a decision.

They both cover the basics, and come with the same great, simple to use app and social features. If, on the other hand, you are after a smartwatch first, fitness tracker second — the Apple Watch is still the way to go. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Fitbit Ionic or Charge 2: I have been using my new Bellabeat for a week. I have been doing a 4 mile walk every day with it on my wrist. So far it has never accurately clocked my mileage, and has been very far off ranging from 2. Why is it not reading all of my steps? I just got my leaf a week ago and I absolutely love it. Tracking mood or water intake for the day , general notes, etc to look back on and I see that you plan to add some of these things on. Will there be any way to update my leaf once these changes are made or will I be required to purchase a brand new leaf?

I bought the leaf for my mother and myself. Is it possible to get the app in French? I am trying to understand if either Leaf devices can provide notifications just a simple vibration based on when I receive a notification on my phone. I understand that I would still need to look at my phone to verify the notification; but it would be really great if the leaf device could at a minimum vibrate to alert me of new notifications on my phone.

Is this already an available feature? I have a problem with the leaf tracking my train rides and bus rides as steps. Is there any way to edit this in the app? My bellabeat leaf has stopped tracking my steps. I was about to purchase a Leaf until I saw that it dose not register sleep before 9PM. I will keep an eye out for that update and will most likely buy one after that is corrected. I got a leaf urban for christmas and i love it.

I am go to bed early and get up early. I usually go to bed between 7pm and 8pm. Since i cannot edit my fall asleep time earlier than 9pm i am adding a nap for anything earlier than 9pm. I know its not going to show me the type of sleep i had for that time period, but at least it is recording how much sleep i got. I love my leaf urban and have started to make changes in my life since getting it. I have tried my leaf in all the positions and i prefer it clipped on my shirt.

I work in a warehouse and tried it as a necklace and felt like it swung off of me too often because i do a lot of bending over. I felt like i was not getting accurate data because of it. I tried it as a bracelet and noticed how easy it could come off. I suggest if you are going to wear it in this position you make it is snug on your wrist so it does not have the possibility to come unclasped. I prefer to wear it clipped on my shirt for my work and at home.

Also i think you could change the necklace or bracelet attachment with any other jewelry you may have. The places to attach onto the side of the leaf for a bracelet could be used by any bracelet that clasps. You may have to feed the ring on one side so that you can clasp it on the other or you could make your own bracelets easily too.

As for the necklace, any that feed through the leaf should work. I am looking into making a couple of leather ones for myself for another more casual option. I hope this is helpful. Reading through all the posts made me feel like some positive info was needed. Remember not everything is perfect and improvements take time and changes can be good. I bought my bellabeat because I was looking forward to tracking my sleep. I was bought a leaf firy birthday and have been wearing it on my wrist since the end if Jan The metal has now started bending and the silver leaf is no longer lying flat.

Has anyone else experienced the metal bending up? Can I turn off the sleep tracker? I never wear it to bed and get annoyed at having to manually fill in the info all the time.

Please please please add S Health connectivity! The first few days I had it, it kept saying 0 steps all day so I was confused. I love the look and the sleep tracker, but I really would love compatibility with S Health!

Why wont it lete be go to bed before 9pm? Bought this to track my sleep and i found out it is only for people that are on a typical schedule not ones that have to sleep odd hours, sort of disappointing.

I read back through the comments and it looks like an update for this has been promised for over a year. Also my inactive reminder goes off while i am walking around.

Very annoyed since its such a nice looking tracker. Third complaint is that i did a 60 min spin clasd with it on my sports bra strap and it gave me credit for 23 min and three different occasions. Returning mine for a fit bit. I am a fairly new proud owner of the leaf and loving it so far.

But I see to have issues with the app when I try to meditate — the meditation session stoppes after 40 seconds or so and the app restarts itself. Do you have and suggestions how to make it run properly? Thank you in advance. Since the March 9th update, I have not been able to use the app. I can not get past the loading screen. Please help, because right not it just feels like a wast of money. I have the same problem as Hazel M.

I have used your chat service and only get vague answers. I am very disappointed in your company. I love the leaf and since march 9th I can not access anything. Right now the leaf is a useless device. I am very sad about this. I had wanted the leaf for a long time and finally got one for Christmas. And now this expensive little gadget is worth nothing.

How are you planning to compensate your customers? Love my leaf and I am disappointed that it can not sync with Weight watchers. The Leaf is the only fitness tracker I can wear that does not flair my carpal tunnel. I am so jealous of the other that can sync: I am joining weight watchers tonight and I would love to use the two together.

Please keep up the good work and get the leaf to sync with more programs. Suddenly I only have steps today and all previous days are around to I use a mini iPad. And I was going to take my leaf to Europe tomorrow. Hopefully this is not another week long glitch. Nice blog and very useful for me. Try Dhanurasana is the best yoga poses for night shift employees who want to reduce belly fat. I started with Headspace, and have been moving towards my Bellabeat meditations, and have heard lots of great things about the Calm […].

This page is good, but we non-US users need to be able to switch it to metric measurements ie: How do I do this? I go to bed early a lot due to having Fibromyalgia; however, my leaf only shows sleep starting at 9: So I am not getting an accurate ready of my sleep. Is there a way to correct this? Trying to sync my leaf and all I get is an error notification. It vibrates etc and then says sorry there is an error.

I am having the same issue. And I am still waiting for a response from the support team. Did they help you out? If so what did they do? Hi, new to leaf Urban and I love it so far! Is there any way that future leafs could track ovulation a bit more precisely i. That would be the best thing in the world for those of us trying to pin down ovulation in order to have the best chance of getting pregnant! I know there is one other bracelet on the market that claims to be able to do this, would be awesome if it was integrated into the leaf!

The bracelet strap is useless, the device falls off. It is too chunky to attach to my bra strap, to big to wear as a necklace and falls off my underwear overnight — the only place I can find to wear it comfortably while sleeping. We are so sorry to hear this, Michelle! We have done our best to ensure our users can enjoy the Leaf in all 3 ways, so if possible, please reach out to our team at hi bellabeat. They would be happy to look into it and find a way to help make sure you are able to successfully wear your Leaf!

We would be more than happy to forward that Activity as a suggestion to our team! We are always looking to add more activities for our users to choose from. We are sorry to hear that, Aliya! Could we please ask you to reach out to our technical support at support bellabeat.

They would love to take a closer look into this and help sort it out! I am a Bellabeat customer. I recently bought a Leaf and extra band for my wife as a gift. Unfortunately, the products have offered nothing but trouble. After spending hundreds of dollars with Bellabeats, the products are sitting in the drawer and are unusable. Except to use a difference device. We are sorry to hear you have been experiencing this issue between your Android device and Leaf, please know that we are constantly working our best on new app improvements for both our iOS and Android users.

We will hopefully have a permanent solution for this issue you have been experiencing soon Belinda, and please accept our sincerest apologies once more! Hi Stefanie, we are sorry to hear that! Please note that if you carried your Android device with you the readings should be more accurate and closer to your Leaf. I bought it specifically to wear as a bracelet and I can only wear it on my right hand but sadly every time I use that hand to do anything it is counting it as taking steps.

Or do I need to return it? Hi Michelle, we are truly sorry to hear that! Could you please email our technical support team at support bellabeat.

They will b sure to help with the accuracy issues you have been experiencing. I have an iphone 4 and have recently purchased a leaf, this blog says that it is compatible. The app says that it requires 9. My iphone 4 only goes up to 7. If there an older app available? Or can I not use my Leaf until I have to purchase a new phone? Hi Abbey, unfortunately, that would not be possible. As the Leaf app is updated frequently, a version that is compatible with iOS 7. Our apologies for the inconvenience!

As a result, my step count is upwards of 19k, which is wayyyyyyyy off through no fault of its own! Is there anyway to go back and set it to wrist and have it recalculate the steps? If not, is that a feature that could be added? Unfortunately, it is not possible to go back, set the placement to have the tracked data recounted. Make sure you set your Leaf placement every time you change the way you wear your it.

How can this be corrected? Please try reinstalling your app and see if the pregnancy will stay. If not, reach out to our tech support at support bellabeat. I edited it back to what it should be but it reverts back to the new one. Why is it doing that? Hi Leah, we are sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue. Please be sure to email our technical support team at support bellabeat. Please reach out to our tech support team at support bellabeat. Hi Emma, we decided to focus our product away from tracking heartbeat, mostly because the studies have shown how inaccurate these measurements can be, especially when worn on the wrist.

As inaccurate feedback regarding heart rate could only lead to greater anxiety in your life, we have, rather than heart rate, done our best to focus on stress management! My Leaf is taking forever to sync. How do I fix this?? Hi Joan, we are sorry to know about this issue. Could you please contact our technical support team at support bellabeat. Hello, I have a quick question. I just wanted to check if the Bluetooth on the Leaf can be disabled or turned off.

The Leaf will only need the Bluetooth on your phone on when syncing, transferring data. We apologize if this would cause any further inconvenience! Hi, I am wondering if it is possible for me to pair my leaf with two different devices? I currently have it paired with my phone for convenience but I would love to pair it with my tablet as well.

Can I do that, or will it mess things up? Dear Liz, simply download the app to your tablet and log in with your existing account and your Leaf will be connected there with all your data.

Thank you for reaching out to us! We kindly suggest contacting us at hi bellabeat. Thank you for your cooperation! I love my new leaf Daisy, but I would love to be able to change the liters into ounces for water intake, is that coming soon? You would be able to change litres into ounces by going to settings in your Leaf app, clicking on your name at the top of the screen, and changing the measurement unit there.

I purchased this because it was discounted around the holidays and I thought it would be good for tracking my sleep patterns.

Upon arrival, the two chains it came with — to wear it as a necklace — had kinks in them and seemed kind of cheaply made. So I put it on my hip. It showed about a third of the steps that my Apple Watch did, which I felt was correct based on the amount of walking I did that day. The sleep seemed like it worked correctly as far as when I fell asleep to when I woke up but there was no explanation of the sleep graph like what the colors meant in the morning when it asked if it had accurately recorded your sleep.

I assume the colors indicated when I was restless in the night but I have no idea since there was no explanation.

I feel like the app needs A LOT of work. This product has been around long enough — in my opinion — so that you should have more information … like alerts should appear on your phone when the leaf buzzes. Lastly — customer service — there is no place to call them that I could find.

You have to complete a form, which is an email, and then it tells you that it will be a 72 hour turnaround time. It took exactly 3 days to receive a response. I requested a refund. They said they issued a refund and it could take 5 to 7 business days to appear. As far as the step tracking, did you make sure to have your placement always set correctly in the Leaf app?

As for the sleep graph, the light purple areas represent light sleep, and the dark purple ones are deep sleep. If you hover over the graph, you can see the written explanations. We would suggest you contact your bank regarding the outstanding refund, as once we issue a refund, we no longer hold the funds, and therefore there is no way we could help you with this. The bank, however, should be able to provide you with information on when these funds will be available for you on your account.

Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns! My bellabeat just vibrated and I have no idea why. Does it vibrate for any other reason? I wish the app had an explanation for why it vibrated. That is quite odd, Andrea! Please, reach our support team at support bellabeat. Any idea why this has happened? This happened yesterday when I flew to a different time zone. All my other data is being tracked. Also forgot to mention that the stress function has also stopped working at the same time as I was unable to track my water consumption.

There seems to be a technical issue with your Leaf, so we would kindly ask you to reach out to our team at support bellabeat. They will be able to look into the issue and resolve it for you. I just installed the app and connected my new leaf!! Hi Bregje, thanks for reaching out! We would suggest reaching our team at support bellabeat.

How often can i make the leaf vibrate. Sign me up for the newsletter! Hey there, LEAF owners! Where can I get the app? What devices are compatible with the LEAF?

How does the LEAF sync with the app? How does the LEAF log sleeping data? Can sleep data inaccuracy occur if I move a lot during sleep? Are they calories I burnt or is that calorie intake? New custom activities in the LEAF app! Reply Janet September 23, at Reply Bellabeat Team November 11, at 4: Reply Brianne February 4, at 8: Reply Maia September 1, at 7: Reply Rea Vanlie November 28, at 7: Reply Bellabeat Team December 1, at 2: Reply Laura Fuhs February 19, at 4: Reply Kathy Bagnell December 4, at 1: Reply Bellabeat Team December 8, at 5: Reply Maria April 25, at 1: Reply Bellabeat Team April 26, at 9: Reply Erin Elizabeth Burke November 21, at 3: Reply Bellabeat - Chloe November 22, at 7: Reply Mandy January 9, at 7: Reply Rachel December 13, at 3: Reply Kristen December 19, at 7: Reply April October 21, at Reply Bellabeat - Chloe October 25, at 8: Reply Chelsea January 1, at 7: Reply Nellie December 6, at 6: Reply Jillian January 5, at 4: Reply Tracy January 7, at Reply Annie January 10, at 6: Reply Bellabeat Team January 12, at 4: Reply Natasha December 5, at 7: Reply Nory January 8, at 9: Reply Kelli May 9, at Reply Kelley November 9, at 4: Reply Lisa May 5, at 9: Reply Kaitlin January 16, at 2: Reply TC Safavi January 19, at 5: Reply Bellabeat Team January 20, at 4: Reply Tahnee January 31, at Reply Mel February 1, at 6: Am I missing something.

Reply Abbey February 2, at Reply Jennifer February 12, at 4: Reply Bellabeat Team February 12, at 4: Reply Karin Ledl August 9, at 1: Reply Mistie Kelley October 30, at 8: Reply bastcilk doptb February 13, at 5: Reply Stephanie February 22, at 3: Reply Angela February 24, at 7: Reply D March 15, at Reply Bellabeat Team March 18, at 2: Reply Katie March 16, at Reply Jen March 17, at Reply Bellabeat Team March 18, at 3: Reply Andrea March 29, at 4: Reply Bellabeat Team March 31, at Reply Danielle Dupree April 11, at 6: Reply Bellabeat Team April 12, at Reply Bethany April 23, at Reply Bellabeat Team April 24, at Reply Cherie Chigama April 26, at 4: Reply Chelsea Chateauvert April 28, at 6: It can be pinned on the hem of your shirt or blouse, pocket, or the waistband of tights or pants.

Unscrew all four screws and remove the metal clip 1 2. Remove the rubber cover 2 3. Remove the battery and replace it with a new one 3 4. Put the rubber cover back 5.

Put the metal clip back 6. To avoid battery leakage: Do not mix old and new batteries or batteries of different types: The symbol of the crossed out wheeled bin indicates that the battery should not be placed in household waste.

Instead they shall be handed over to the appropriate collection point for the recycling batteries. DO NOT throw this product in household waste. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limited for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules.

These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in residential installation.

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