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Needless to say I threw it away but must say I am not at all pleased with this. I also am concerned I started program on Jan 11th and received initial one week of food items. This lunch is one of my least favorites. Typically, refunds are issued within two weeks of your returned items making their way back to Nutrisystem headquarters. Free, Plus, Enterprise Write a private message to the poster. I feel I have a better handle on what I should be doing.

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Contact Nutrisystem Customer Service

Furthermore, every customer is different. You get to choose your meals and your favorite foods and everything customized for you. Customers with pre-diabetes or diabetes can select specialized options for their health.

This allows you to view all meals and options before joining. Items like biscotti bites, stuffed chicken, and sandwiches are available with any plan. For Nutrisystem, social media is perfect for new customers. The goal of each account is to share healthy habits and informative news for customers. Facebook features special recipes to keep customers on track. Plus, find photos and fun posts that are meant to prompt fans and customers to enjoy the everyday.

On Twitter, the company focuses more on the actual Nutrisystem plans. Tweets include news about sale events as well as recipes and informative articles. Discover how to stop over-shopping for food and how to avoid food temptation.

Instagram features little text and far more images than other pages. Here, some photos show perfect serving sizes. Find images of customer success or transformation images, and even inspirational quotes. YouTube is the least updated of the social media accounts. It can be tricky to sort through the different plans, payment options, and even food choices. There are three different levels of customer service at Nutrisystem.

Contact sales, weight loss coaches, and traditional customer service. Those who need more information should contact the sales department. The live chat options are best for quick and effortless answers to any questions you might have. Are you looking for support or motivation along your weight loss journey? Call their team at any day from 7 AM to 12 AM.

Do you want to talk with a regular customer service representative? You can call from 7 AM to midnight on business days. Reach them from 8: Do so with the help of Nutrisystem and help save on your next purchase with the help of Dealhack.

Our coupon experts have listed all the latest Nutrisystem coupons right here on this page because we all love a great deal. Go on, start shopping! One great advantage of Nutrisystem is customers determine when their shipments arrive. All Nutrisystem orders are delivered within four to 10 business days of placing an order or when your meals are scheduled to run out via FedEx.

Orders contain both frozen foods and shelf-stable foods, but you can rest assured that everything will be in perfect condition upon arrival. Customers can even make delivery easier with Auto-Delivery. This Nutrisystem shipping option saves customers a percentage off the Nutrisystem plan cost, and planned meals are shipped out to you once every four weeks.

At the end of a four-week plan, your payment method will automatically be re-billed and your food will ship out without any work on your part. If you need to cancel a food delivery, make sure that you do so before your order processes. Typically, you have until 6PM Eastern time on the date your order is scheduled to be processed to make the decision to cancel. Before you make the decision to stick with a Nutrisystem plan, consider that every Nutrisystem purchase comes with a money back guarantee.

All other Nutrisystem customers are covered by a day return and refund period for their unwanted food items. The company provides dieters with low calorie meal plans to be incorporated with fresh fruits and vegetables for a well-rounded diet.

The program is simple, but food taste, recurring payment plans and other issues mean Nutrisystem customer service is consistently busy. There is a long list of Nutrisystem customer service phone numbers on the contact page. Some of the customer service lines have different hours of operation.

When returning meals to Nutrisystem, do not send them back to the address below. The returns department must issue an RMA number before meals can be returned.

Once the RMA number is issued, customers can send returns to:. Each meal plan is described in detail with a list of all foods included with the plan. Pricing schedules and information are also available. Customers can find out answers to commonly asked questions on the FAQs page of the site.

Nutrisystem offers more customer service email options than many other companies. You can contact Nutrisystem customer service about dietary issues, weight loss counseling and community forum issues. When customers review the website, they will notice information pertaining to the program.

What customers may not find is information regarding the automatic payment system. When we connected with the customer service agent, we asked if a customers credit card is charged after they decide to cancel the program. The agent explained on rare occasions a credit card is charged. Once the service is canceled, the charges stop.

The agent also recommended checking your billing statement for unusual charges and contacting the customer service department for a refund of charges after cancellation. This appears to be a lengthy process, but we were pleased the customer service agent decided to provide this information. What information did the customer service team give you? Leave us a comment below. Why on earth have u not yet opened a fast food restaurant?????

Your company could be the first…. It just makes sense. Yes, Nutrisystem should open locations all over the country because it works, does not harm the health and is easy to use. I would be one of the best customers. Escpecially after holidays it would be fantastic to get Nutrisystem for just one week. Then we all could enjoy without regrets he holiday goodies and feasts. The last shipment of food we received was not up the normal standards for us.

There were several cereals packets that only has spoon full of cereal in them, meat and mashed potatoes with only small pieces of meat in them and three times now — the pizza has had NO cheese in them to melt.

Do you have quality control people working for you? I just ordered the diabetic diet on pre select,can I after awhile change some of my meals? How do I apply this? Please let me know what to do. I have been trying to get a hold of a representative and have been given the run around. This guy has been trying to get a representative since Feb. I want to discontinue the Nutrisystem program.

Please send my next shipment now, please. Send same menu items as my 1st shipment, except, no chocolate pudding. I have been watching the commercial for your product, for awhile. I am tired of seeing Marie and what ever actress you have on there.

Why NOT put a real fresh all american girl from towns around the country who have followed your system. I realize Marie works very hard and has lots of children and has been on hard time through her life. But Not everyone wants to look like her! We want just to be healthy, fit and a good body weight. I have written to you now 5 times,I have called you about the same amount. I do not want to have anything to do with your company. Someone from your company calls here times a day.

Then you turn around and send me another order, I refused it and sent it back to you. Thank you for concelling my account, confiration Number: You have a money back garanteen.

What else can I say? My wife and I were previous members, but had stopped the program. On , I tried to order on-line, but failed to get the discount. I tried again in the morning of and once again, did not get the discount. I then called and was told it ended the prior night. From Tuesday to Thursday is only 2 days. I feel ripped off and did not order. Nutrisystem Food was Not to my liking. Nutrisystem bragged alot about their commericals.

There was no taste,and the Food was not that good at all! Congratulation, the food quality and taste is much, much better than years ago when I lost almost lbs with Nutrisystem. Even after opening and replacing the plastic lid I was in trouble. The lids are so tied that I had to use a knife to cut a hole in the lid. Ptompt did I cut myself! Since I have to take bloodthinner medication I had a blood lake on my floor within seconds. I was forced to call for help. When shipping deserts with chocolate to Phoenix, Arizona at this time of the year average temperatures — F you need to pack them in ice because FedEx and UPS trucks do not have cooling in their trucks.

I had to scrape the bars from the wrapping paper with a knife and everythiing was just a melted messy chocolate peace. Last but not least how can I get more of the energy and graving stop shakes?? Thank you very much.

I already lost within 5 days 6 lbs. I have just received my second order and both times all of the dry pack chocolate items have been melted and squashed. You would think a company this large would have a better way of preventing this from happening. I am very very disappointed with nutrisystem. I paid for an order that I never received and got credited without me receiving anything, only for the cost of food. I waited long years to be able to use your system and without any warning I already am loosing not pounds but money.

I have chatted with counselors and they can not help, say to use the customer service which I have been trying with no luck. I want to voice my opinion of the recent ads featuring Marie Osmond.

I believe this ad should be pulled from the advertising for Nutrisystem as it offends not only me but many people I have talked to. I am appalled that your company needed to stoop to this incompantant level of advertising and use this as a ploy to gain more sales.

Thank you for listening and please remove this ad from your advertising. I feel compelled to write to you. I am an elderly lady who placed an order today. I was assisted by a counselor, by the name of Oshal. I was having difficulty when placing my order….. This young man was so courteous, kind, and most of all patient….. He should be commended for his great service. Oshal is certainly an asset to Nutrisystem!!!!

Due to money issues, I will need to stop nutrisystem until I can afford it again. Thank you for all your help at this time. Due to financial situation I need to either delay the next order till Feb. I completed one order from Nutrisystem, followed the program as designed for me and instead of losing I have gained weight.

I have received my second order but after the results I have experienced with the first order wish to return the products for a refund. It is my understanding that you want your customer to be happy with their results or a refund will be issued for returned food.

I have tried numerous times to reach a customer service rep but to no avail. This kind of service would certainly lack of referrals. I need to quit the program at the end of the first month. I have no other complaints except that this is too expensive for my pocket. Thanks for everything Carol.

I want you to know I received the package from you, and I will be sending it back on Monday. I have given up trying to make contact with anyone from your organization. Always a long wait on the phone, no way to leave a message, no call back options. Not at all optomistic that you really want to talk with those who buy from you. I use to like Marie Osmond, but I guess she sold her sole to Nutrisystem. Levine needs to go, her big ears, long neck, flip collar, does not help Nutrisystem.

I called to post-pone my second shipment due to illness and financial situation. Its pretty much all pasta!!! Nothing like their advertising shows. I currently have 2 months of Nutrisystems meals in my home and have cancelled my program at this point. I have never been so disappointed in a product that claims to have delicious meals.

I just threw away a deep dish pizza that was so cardboard-like I could not chew it. The chicken alfredo I tried to eat last evening was like paste and the smell was horrible. That was also thrown away. If I can return any of this for a refund without paying an exorbitant shipping fee, please let me know.

Stop using Marie Osmond. She has been sucked, plucked, nipped, tucked and airbrushed. Any person that attended to can look good. I received my order with the Fast5 and remainder of food. When I opened the box I found the shipment had been handled rough and one container of food was broken open. It was a mess. The product was shipped by FedEx. I found when I opened the Fast 5 box there was no shaker bottle in the kit. I understood there would be a shaker bottle in the kit.

I will call Monday but wanted to let you know about my problem today. Please think about getting another commercial and keep me from having to change the channel. It would be ever so nice not to hear any more about the little black dress. I need to cancel because I have reached my goal.

Nutrisystem works and now I want to try it on my own. Thanks for all your help. I just received notice shipment was sent on July If this order arrives then I am cancelling. Why do you offer delay possibilities and then disregard customers wishes? I received my order and I was sent 10 Chicken Parmesan Pasta lunches!

I realize you were substituting for some other lunches. This lunch is one of my least favorites. I should have been notified so I could have made my own selections. I just opened a chocolate doughnut for breakfast, enjoy by date of Dec 10, and it was full of green mold. I have a picture if you need to see it. Under the date was SF Has anyone else had this happen. Will you replace this item? I would like to cancel membership and not to receive future shipments. Please send cancleation number.

I need to discontinue my membership at this time. I was told I could do that by leaving a message here by Isabel. Please send a confirmation number. Have returned unused food in fourteen day money back guarantee period. Have not received refund and it has been two weeks, Customer service people have not been any help in solving this matter,. Received non-perishable food last Friday at home: Never had this problem before..

HM phone Thank you. Of course charged for them. My name is Mona Olinsky. I was previously on the program for 6 months and loved it. I reached my goal of weight loss and then some. I have now started the program back as of August This time it has been a very unpleasant experience due to the shipments and arrival of my monthly food order.

The order before this last one, all the frozen food was practically melted. And it was delivered more than a week after the regular food arrived. The whole experience of trying to reach a live person in your customer service dept. And she managed to get my frozen food replacement shipped immediately. I understood that these things can happen as I was told last month there was a problem with the dry ice.

However, this month my regular food was received a week ago today and I still have not received the frozen food.

When I finally again got a live person to answer customer service this morning, I was told the frozen food will be shipped today. I am almost out of frozen food selection. After a serious discussion I asked to speak to a Supervisor. Of course I was told they were all busy and I would have to wait awhile. I did not want to hang up and re-live the whole mess of trying to reach someone. After a few minutes, a Supervisor named Alisha did come on the line.

She said I should receive it this week probably by Tuesday. So at that point I cancelled my next order and my business with Nutrisystem. When I was on the program before I never had this problem.

My dry food and my frozen food were delivered to my home either the same day or a day afterwards. I realize they come from 2 different facilities, however, they should still co-ordinate the shipment so that the customer has ALL the food about the same time. This way the customer can have the choice of what he wants to eat on any day.

I no longer can refer people to your program. And I am very disappointed that I am unable to continue on Nutrisystem. Something has gone wrong in the shipping decisions being made, as well as the customer service dept. Last time I was on hold for 45 minutes. I am still going to reach a Director or Senior Vice President in Corporate to share my experience with because they need to know what is happening.

I just placed an order and requested mac n cheese and received mushroom ristto instead. I will not each anything with mushrooms.

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