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Twitter Follow Austin Health on Twitter for up-to-the-minute updates and news. Prospective interns and HMOs: The centre, built on more than years of cancer care expertise at the Austin Hopistal, includes international research, into all types of cancer.

When you donate to Austin Health Take a sharp right turn out of the lift and proceed along the corridor which starts directly to the right of the Emergencies range from dog bites to stroke, with many patients suffering from pain.

Director of Emergency and General Medicine Research, Professor David Taylor studied a method to decrease the time taken for children to receive pain medication. In the past, only doctors were able to initiate and order most pain relief for children. Professor Taylor's team produced guidelines and evaluation of specialised training The Brain Disorders Program is a statewide service for persons aged who experience a combination of cognitive impairment and psychiatric illness or a range of "behaviours of concern" that result in difficulties in daily functioning and interpersonal relationships.

It is a free public service that focuses primarily on non-compensable Tom undertakes basic research in tumour genetics at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research. He has a Fellowship from the Victorian Cancer Agency. He trained in paediatrics and has a clinical interest in cardiac genetics, renal genetics and syndrome Why set up a content alert?

Do you feel like you don't have enough time to stay on top of the latest research? Do you need a tool to help you stay informed? Use an app provided by your Library to receive alerts. Procurement key principles The Austin Health Procurement Policy is underpinned by key principles which aim to ensure that: Austin Health obtains goods and services that meet specification, are delivered on time at competitive prices from financially stable If you are unable to open any of these links in Internet Explorer, please try an alternative browser eg: FireFox or Google Chrome The program will guide participants through the basics of research design - developing a research question and protocol, tips for ethics, data collection and the art of survey writing, effective literature searching, statistics and critical appraisals.

Participants will acquire the tools to form a firm foundation for any research undertaken in their It's your chance to set yourself a challenge, have some fun and raise money for Austin Health. You can run as an individual or create your own team with colleagues, family and friends. You can nominate any hospital department to receive the money you raise! Referencing Looking for a citation? Request an EndNote training session with an Austin Research collaboration agreement To be used for short term, simple collaborations, without payments or material transfer between the parties.

IT advisers, financial advisers etc, use the more detailed version of a Department of Health clinical urgency categories for specialist clinics Urgent: As such, its services and programs are frequently recognised by industry affiliates and Austin Health is proud to have won many industry awards.

Austin Health staff are also regularly recognised all over the world for their achievements in specialist research and clinical practice. Professor Brian Buxton Trial Coordinator: The rates of patient survival, and reintervention in the different patient groups are being compared. Graft patency is being assessed The Medical Workforce Unit manages and co-ordinates medical workforce recruitment, rostering and pay processing.

Austin Health has the largest intern training program in Victoria, as well as employing many doctors to fill positions in the Medical, Surgical and General streams. Austin Health provides exceptional support to all its junior medical staff, particularly at intern level, with protected training time provided each week at intern training sessions.

For further information about About us Austin Health works to improve health outcomes and reduce risk for culturally and linguistically diverse CALD patients.

We aim to make the Austin an accessible, safe and welcoming and place for everyone. The Austin Health Diversity Plan outlines the concept of diversity as one of inclusiveness and respect and includes many things that make us unique such as culture, language, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age or literacy level.

The Plan recognises that For further information on this please contact Teresa Fosso on 03 in Clinical Nursing Education or refer to the Clinical Nursing Education website. Previous studies If your patient has had previous Nuclear Medicine or relevant Radiology studies performed elsewhere, we ask that these are brought to their appointment for comparison. If these are not at hand, then we may contact the previous service provider for copies.

Feedback To maintain and provide optimum service, we welcome any feedback you may wish to give. Patient Information Sheets Overview The Perioperative Nursing Department provides professional, comprehensive, skilled nursing care to patients admitted for elective or emergency surgery. Surgical specialties undertaken at the Austin Hospital include: Clinics 1 to 5 - Level 3, Lance Townsend Building 2.

Ward 2 East - Level Care can be provided through the inpatient program as well as ambulatory services in the home. Along with clinical services, the program also has a strong research and education focus, which is explained below.

This program has four What is the complaints management process? The complaints management process is a formal way of recording and reporting complaints and feedback to improve the patient and family experience. At Austin Health we take complaints very seriously and use this feedback to improve services. Definition of a complaint A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction relating to any aspect of care provided by Austin Health. This can be lodged directly by the patient or, with the About us The Austin Health Safety and Quality Program is the mechanism through which Austin Health strives for safety and continuous quality improvement in all aspects of the organisation.

This framework is supported by a Safety and Quality organisational structure that seeks to provide a safe environment for all staff and patients and to provide the highest quality of care in a culture of continuously striving to improve. Austin Health participates in unit, service, organisation, Our MRI service operates 7. We provide some appointments on Sundays About us Clinical Nursing Education CNE at Austin Health offers an extensive range of high calibre educational opportunities to nurses, health professionals and lay persons.

CNE employs professional specialist nurse educators and invites specialists from within Austin Health to provide clinically relevant nursing education.

CNE education programs include advanced practice courses, short courses and Austin Health staff programs. Advance care planning is a process of planning for future health and personal care whereby a person's values, beliefs, and preferences are made known so they can guide clinical decision making at a future time when that person cannot make or communicate their decisions.

About us Austin Health Social Workers provide services to inpatient, outpatient and community programs. Experiencing problems and changes with your health can be a very difficult and stressful time for patients and their family. There are many concerns and problems which can arise for patients as they undertake treatment and plan for the future. Social work services provide assistance to patients and their families with respect to the wide range of personal concerns and practical needs Inpatients Speech Pathology services are available to all inpatients in both acute and rehabilitation settings who have swallowing and communication problems during their admission.

Outpatients The Austin Health Speech Pathology service provides assessment and management for adult outpatients presenting with swallowing and communication impairments as a result of acute, chronic or degenerative conditions.

Communication impairments may include speech, voice or language difficulties S outpatient clinics for issues related to spinal cord damage. Our podcasts help you stay informed about significant research at Austin Health. Here he brings you podcast episodes with some of the leading minds in research at Austin Health. Welcome to the Austin Health podcast page. Clients must have most of their care delivered by Austin Health or live in the general vicinity of the health Inpatient Review Service Austin Health inpatients who have a diagnosis of diabetes are assessed on their ability to self manage their condition by Diabetes Care Coordinators.

The assessment includes functional care and support need requirements and referrals to additional services are made as required. Any Austin Health inpatient with a diagnosis of diabetes Location: Medication Management outreach pharmacists provide a comprehensive medication assessment to clients at home incorporating: Medication review Compliance assessment Medicines education Compliance aid education.

The hospital outreach medication review HOMR can also be used to identify problems the medicines may be causing, or may not be treating adequately.

A report is routinely sent to the GP and community pharmacy to outline the findings of the visit and recommend solutions Home Dialysis Issues Support for individuals performing home dialysis is available 24 hours a day. Renal failure and its complications place a large amount of stress on the health of renal failure patients and their carers. Complications of high blood pressure, poor fluid and electrolyte control, poor dialysis, poor appetite and breakdown of body energy stores may all combine to compromise nutritional intake and health.

Adequate dietetic care can minimise these problems and improve quality of life. Radiation therapy is a treatment of cancer that uses high energy X-rays. It works because cancer cells are more sensitive to radiation than normal cells.

Therefore, cancer cells are destroyed while normal cells recover. Radiation therapy treatment is usually given with a machine called a linear accelerator. These machines are very precise and use imaging technology to target your treatment. The machine moves around you and can treat you from many different directions. Health services are invited to establish training partnerships with the SETC, to provide a pathway for nurses wishing to specialise as nurse endoscopists.

Interested health services should contact us for a copy of the organisational readiness criteria. The most common referrals include: GHMH services are available to: This will be reviewed at the next available HREC meeting and if successful the application will be endorsed.

Please note all supporting electronic documents must be labelled according to the following Naming Requirement for Electronic Files using the approved acronyms and document types Annual Procurement Activity Plan Austin Health is looking to develop long term partnerships with suppliers that are adaptable and innovative, who take accountability, and who can help deliver real and lasting value.

To effectively and efficiently procure goods and services across the organisation to obtain the best value for money and economies of scale, Austin Health's Procurement Activity Plan is aligned to its priorities and strategies. When sourcing goods and services from the This includes our medical students and extends from interns to consultants and those involved in research work.

Membership is free and the association is not involved in fundraising. The aim is to keep Alumni informed about Austin Health activities. Notification of Associate Investigator Requirements A change in Same day response if you contact us in business hours If you need treatment we will commence it within 30 days We will keep your face to face appointments to a minimum, but support services are available if you want them.

We will monitor your progress by phone. You can self-refer you don't need to go to a GP for a referral to us We will post medications to you. If you are a healthcare It makes no anatomical sense that patients with spinal cord injury should have sleep apnoea," says Professor David Berlowitz, the newly-created University of Melbourne Professor of Physiotherapy at Austin Health. It's the research question that has plagued Prof Berlowitz for 22 years. He is one step closer to solving the mystery, however, after the publishing the first research to find a physiological change that explains why so Prof Carmeli received his MD degree from Ben Study Protocol submitted to department?

If no, please submit a copy along with this form. SSA Reference Number if applicable: Outpatients, also known as Specialist Clinics, is where a consultation or procedure is provided by a public hospital to a person who is not currently admitted to the hospital. At Austin Health, we provide a service to patients needing specialist medical, surgical or paediatric assessment and care. We also provide associated allied health e. About us The Department of Anaesthesia provides anaesthesia cover for 12 operating theatres, 2 procedure rooms and 2 endoscopy rooms, as well as a number of areas outside the operating suite including Austin Health Departments of Radiology and Cardiology.

We employ a total of 54 consultant anaesthetists, 15 registrars and 4 HMOs residents. Anaesthesia and good pain management play a vital About us The Austin Child Care Centre is a work based child care centre which has been in operation since It is licensed for 70 places and provides care and education for children from four months of age to school-entry age.

The children are divided into five age groups. The Austin Child Care Centre is committed to providing high quality childcare for the children of staff employed by Austin Health. The Centre believes is positive and co-operative partnerships that foster continuity Effective risk prevention and management are vital components of a successful health service.

Every day Austin Health encounters many risks that impact on the success of our services and the safety of our patients, staff, visitors and contractors. We deliberately identify and manage these risks to maximise opportunities for improvement and to prevent or minimise losses or harm.

Min Goh Registrar Dr. About us The Austin Hospital's Department of Emergency Medicine, also known as the Emergency Department or ED, is a busy tertiary department attending 75, patients annually offering a wide range of clinical services. The new purpose-built ED opened in May as part of the Austin Hospital's redevelopment and has 50 treatment areas including a six bed paediatric area, a Fast Track area, an eight bed Short Stay Unit, procedure rooms and resuscitation rooms.

The Department is accredited The focus of this program is to provide staff with an appropriate skill base in caring for both High Dependency and general ICU patients. If you are a trained critical care nurse and interested in working with us or want to learn about your options to enter a critical care nursing career, please contact: Austin Liver Transplant Office Opening hours: Overview Clinic for the evaluation and treatment of patients with the diagnosis of cancer.

This clinic links in with a full range of comprehensive services at the Austin Hospital and provides comprehensive supportive care to patients diagnosed with cancer. Through this clinic patients have access to a wide range of clinical trials through the Ludwig Institute For Cancer Research and Austin Hospital.

Overview The Lung Cancer Clinic is Australia's largest clinic devoted to the management of lung cancer and related diseases. It offers an extensive and comprehensive range of services to patients with lung cancer. General enquiries Martha Thomas Phone: In December he became Victoria's Overview The Department of Neurosurgery offers two year-long fellowships.

This position is for a postgraduate Neurosurgeon with an interest in both the medical and surgical aspects of Epilepsy. General enquiries Office hours: Monday - Friday 8. Joye Pinnis Team Leader Phone: The Centre for PET was developed as a National Centre for basic and clinical research in view of the unique facilities and expertise The cyclotron is equipped with a F target, O gas target, C gas target and a Solid target system for production of I, Zr, Cu and Yr Additionally we also have a Gallium generator.

About us Nursing Services at Austin Health provides support and development to the approximately nurses employed by the health service. Nursing Services provides a broad vision for the nursing division that is underpinned by the inherent value and contribution of nurses by encouraging professional development, offering diverse work opportunities and actively seeking input into key decisions. Epilepsy is a condition where a person has more than one unprovoked seizure.

A seizure arises due to a brief electrical disturbance of the brain. There are many types of seizures. Causes of epilepsy include genetic factors, abnormal formation of the brain, head injuries, brain tumours and infectious illnesses.

Some people can experience a seizure and not have epilepsy. A single seizure does not mean that you have What is the Ketogenic Diet? The Ketogenic Diet is a medically supervised diet that may be a treatment option for some people with epilepsy. It involves a high fat and very low carbohydrate and protein diet that makes the body burn fat rather than carbohydrate and protein for energy.

This creates ketones, and when the body is in a high ketone state, called ketosis, the brain no longer uses glucose for energy but instead uses ketones. This can reduce seizure activity in some people.

What are eating disorders? Eating disorders happen as a result of severe disturbances in eating behaviour, such as unhealthy reduction of food intake or extreme overeating. These patterns can be caused by feelings of distress or concern about body shape or weight and they harm normal body composition and function.

The main types of eating disorders are anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. A person with anorexia nervosa starves herself or himself to be thin, experiencing extreme weight loss ResearchFestOct ResearchFest celebrates the research undertaken at Austin LifeSciences and highlights the breadth and excellence of our research.

It is an opportunity to learn what others are doing, to facilitate new research collaborations, and to encourage new students and junior researchers to undertake a research career at Austin LifeSciences. The ResearchFest program is full of interesting lunchtime lectures, symposia and fora giving both early career and experienced researchers Austin Health is participating in the national system for streamlined ethical review of multi-site clinical trials. For more information on National Mutal Acceptance Nursing staff has advanced respiratory skills and knowledge and are experienced in the use of specialised respiratory equipment.

Respiratory High Dependency The High Dependency Unit provides services to acutely unwell patients requiring a higher level of respiratory monitoring. It forms part of Victoria's State Trauma System. It provides inpatient and outpatient services at the Austin Hospital and Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre in addition to a range of clinic and Social work assessment Social Work Assessment Social Workers are trained to undertake comprehensive assessments.

This helps hospital staff understand individual It separates short stay elective surgery from emergency surgery and complex elective work. At The Surgery Centre patients get their surgery on the day it is booked.

The centre treats up to patients waiting for surgical and endoscopic procedures each year, in addition to those treated at the Austin Hospital About us Veteran Liaison provides a contact point for veteran enquiries and assistance within Austin Health. Throughout the year Veteran Liaison conducts observance services, tours for veteran groups, and various other activities for the Veteran community.

Commencing in , the Veteran Liaison role continues to be a vital, highly committed service to the care of veterans and war widows throughout Austin Health and the wider community. Contact with the appropriate Chaplain can be made through: Our Veteran Liaison Officers are available to be contacted on any matter. Robert Winther Veteran Liaison Officer Scroll down to view our nurse's stories about why they are inspired by working at Austin Health.

To be inspired and talk one-on-one about joining our team phone: If you are having trouble with the videos stopping and starting, press pause until most of the file has downloaded, and then press play again. Amy Amy is a graduate nurse in the Surgery and Endoscopy Centre: Click on the play button to view her story.

Ben Ben has been in the Graduate Nurse Nursing staff assist with cardiac stress testing, supervise patient care and provide radiation safety information to patients and staff. Advanced ECG interpretation skills or cardiac stress testing experience and cannulation Focus on research The Infectious Diseases Department at Austin Health incorporating the Austin Centre for Infection Research has a strong focus on research that helps to understand and combat infectious diseases issues relevant to the Australian Community, incorporating clinical research, epidemiology and molecular biology research streams.

Each of the physicians in the department has unique research interests resulting in a broad range of research pursuits within infectious diseases We provide inpatient care at all three Austin Health campuses.

Inpatients are generally assessed within 24 hours of referral and followed up as outpatients upon discharge as required. On weekends and public holidays a very limited service is provided by an external provider. Patients may only be referred for: Scan A Positron Emission Tomography scan is a type of diagnostic imaging used to detect abnormalities in the functioning of organs and tissues, unlike CT or MRI scans that detect structural abnormalities within the body.

It does not remove the necessity for you to have a standalone diagnostic CT scan, The Austin Intranet also has an Austin Clinical School Site where you will have shared access to learning resources along with the rest of the Austin Health community. Cancer outpatient appointments are held at Specialist Clinics, where a multidisciplinary team of clinicians, surgeons and allied health staff work together to provide patients with an optimum treatment plan and care.

Clinics include haematology, breast, lung, melanoma, hepatoma, head and neck, uro-oncology and colorectal clinics.

If you are an outpatient, you will receive a letter with your clinic appointment time and its location. Your letter will include a barcode and, if your Schedule a session for yourself We teach literature searching and information management to individuals and small groups. We also offer sessions in EndNote, one of the most highly recommended reference management tools. Request training Discover more about finding the evidence Quality project or policy review?

Involved in a quality project If you have not yet received a letter advising that an appointment is available, you must wait for that appointment letter. We cannot make an appointment until an appointment becomes available for you. How to change or cancel an appointment Let us know if you can't show Changing or cancelling your appointment may cause a delay in your treatment.

If you need to change or cancel your The combined efforts of all staff help to ensure that patients to our unit are all treated in a timely manner and in accordance with the Austin values Integrity, Accountability, Respect and Excellence Our Services include: Surgical Medical Clinical trials. Austin and Mercy staff undertaking external courses, please request course-related items from your university library. Search the Catalogue to see if we hold the item.

If you can't find what you need please submit your request using one of Matthew was appointed Director of the Profile Adele is a consultant colorectal surgeon, having completed her general surgical training at The Alfred Hospital. The service makes use of time zone differences between Therefore, they are not required to be booked into a meeting.

GCP Training Good clinical practice requirements for principal investigators, associate investigators and clinical trial coordinators of research studies. A copy of the course completion certificate should be included with the research governance application Any i ncomplete application will NOT be processed.

Please always check the website This survey provided us with an opportunity to compare our results to other benchmark participants and gain an insight into our users opinions, ideas and suggestions for the Library. We do this as part of our committment to continuous improvement and in support of hospital accreditation. The survey received responses. We are very thankful to all our staff and students who In general, for clinical trials adult studies , data should be retained for a minimum of 15 years after the completion of the research study.

There is a fee that will be incurred to store these records and this fee is payable by the department that has What does the Endoscopy Unit do? The procedures we perform include: Austin Health outpatient Kerri Cosma still lives with ongoing health issues due to her experience with the flu.

I worked every day in the gym and I'd regularly leg press kilos. Almost a year ago, Kerri Cosma went on a family holiday to China. What happened to me is horrific.

Professor Louise Burrell is an author of an article in The Lancet Global Health , describing the results of the world's largest international blood pressure screening program.

The program - May Measurement Month 17 - screened 1. It found more than , people had untreated hypertension, or high blood pressure, and more than , who were receiving anti-hypertensive treatment did not have their blood pressure under control. Pain Services at Austin Health is provided by the Department of Anaesthesia and Continuing Services who are responsible for coordinating the management of patients with both acute, complex and persistent pain.

Pain is complex and often requires a multidisciplinary approach to treat it effectively. Therefore, the team liaises with other departments including Pharmacy, Physiotherapy and Pyschology to About us The Department of Cardiology at Austin Health is committed to providing quality and compassionate care to patients with all forms of heart disease.

The department has a strong clinical, teaching and research focus. Our inpatient clinical service is located at the Austin Hospital and comprises a ward facility with 33 dedicated cardiac beds. Outpatient clinics are conducted at the Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital. A state-of-the-art diagnostic area adjacent to the ward houses Patients and relatives experiencing psychological difficulties directly related to their current hospitalisation or due to other reasons can be seen.

Treatment specialties include cognitive-behavioural specialized treatments and pain management. Many patients benefit from Patient safety is an important part of the culture at Austin Health. Numerous quality improvement projects and collaboratives are currently underway to improve patient safety. Last year's highlights included a Patient Safety Quiz, a safety climate survey and walkrounds by the Executive to highlight safety improvements and risk identification.

The Clinical Governance Program is also responsible A further three offices are located on Level 6 North, Austin Hospital. Department of Clinical Neuropsychology Heidelberg The Communications Department manages internal and external communications across Austin Health's three facilities. This includes generating media coverage and responding to media enquiries about patients, issues or events at Austin Health.

General enquiries For enquiries including information about the Diabetes Complications and Assessment Service please contact: Like the specialty itself your time with us will be a challenging and exciting time. Most importantly, it will be a time of growth, both professionally and personally as you learn to apply the principles of emergency medicine to the care of your patients.

While you are here you will value the closeness and teamwork that are an integral part of the way that we work People seek genetic counselling because of concerns that conditions identified in themselves or members of their family may be inherited.

They may have concerns about their personal health or the health of their children. Depending on the nature of the condition, the referral may be made to a general or specialised genetic clinic. We are a team of clinical geneticists, genetic counsellors, medical oncologists and support staff, working together with other Austin Health specialists to help For doctors who are interested in employment currently available at Austin Health please visit the Austin Doctors website. Applications for employment may be lodged at this site during the main recruitment period, for all other enquires please contact us via email or phone.

Please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible The Human Resources team spend their time ensuring we support our people, so they can deliver outstanding patient care. That includes looking after the entire life cycle of our employees from hire to retire.

The HR Strategy is designed to help our people deliver outstanding care now, and to prepare Austin Health for the future. Our challenge is to attract, retain and develop a workforce that is agile and adaptive to a rapidly changing health landscape. Our priorities are around building Overview This clinic links in with a full range of comprehensive services offered at the Austin Hospital to patients diagnosed with cancer.

Patients are managed by a multidisciplinary team consisting of surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, as well as a team of allied health professionals. The Austin Hospital has a major interest in diseases of the liver. This multi-disciplinary clinic is attended by Gastroenterologists, Surgeons, Oncologists and interventional Radiologists and offers a wide range of services for patients with cancer of the liver. Overview This clinic links in with a full range of comprehensive services at the Austin Hospital and provides comprehensive supportive care to patients diagnosed with cancer.

Through this clinic patients have access to a wide range of clinical trials through the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research and Austin Hospital. In particular the clinic has a special focus on cancers of the bladder, prostate and kidneys. Our department has research laboratories located at three major hospitals in the north-east of Melbourne: We are a vibrant group of scientists and physicians doing clinical and basic research to understand basic biological mechanisms and disease-causing In state-of-the-art public mental health facilities, the service's dedicated Austin Health staff continually strive to deliver collaborative and multidisciplinary services for consumers and carers with respect and integrity.

Mental Health Our Program Doppler Outpatient Doppler services are provided for investigation of cerebrovascular disturbances, including stroke, with the use of a non-invasive procedure. Electroencephalography EEG Electroencephalography records the electrical activity of the brain. Its is useful for the investigation and management of choice for patients suspected of suffering from epilepsy and other neurological dysfunction.

A specialized service is provided for patients who have Northern CASA is the regional sexual assault service for the northern metropolitan region of Melbourne covering the local government areas of Banyule, Darebin, Nillumbik and Whittlesea. It is located on the Repatriation Campus of Austin Health and also operates a number of Clinical and Research programs within PET have been developed in view of the unique facilities and expertise available within the department.

The PET service provides patient care of the Austin Health is recognised as a national leader in the delivery of clinical and allied health services in many areas and provides the only state wide service for acute spinal injuries, liver transplant and child psychiatry. It is the state referral centre for toxicology. Approximately over-night beds: The Nutrition and Dietetic Department is a dynamic, team-focused department dedicated to the provision of high quality nutrition services to patients of Austin Health and community.

We employ over 30 Dietitians, and provide a seven-day service across the three hospitals within Austin Health. Our services include nutritional care for inpatients, outpatients and clients in the community. We are closely involved in food service, teaching and training, and research and quality activities. Surgical procedures performed each year number approximately 18, and include: Cardiac Neurosurgery Orthopaedics Paediatrics Anaesthesia nurses also provide care for About us Paediatrics is a branch of medicine dedicated to the treatment and specialised care of infants, children and adolescents.

The Department of Paediatrics at Austin Health is based in a 12—16 bed inpatient facility, complemented by a number of paediatric outpatient clinics. Ward 2 West cares for patients admitted under all areas of paediatrics. Highly specialised services include programs in paediatric epilepsy, eating disorders and chronic fatigue syndrome. Her research focuses on epilepsy and autism.

He has worked in the Paediatrics Department for the last 17 years and has an The Pathology Department provides pathology services to the three Austin Health facilities.

It also operates a successful private enterprise in the community and supports several other major public hospitals.

Pathology medical and scientific staff are highly qualified and experienced in their field of expertise and Austin Health, like all other health services, must be accredited to receive funding from the Department of Human Services and we choose to be accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards.

External inspectors called surveyors check all hospitals against a range of standards examining clinical care as well as things like fire safety, waste management and compliance with legislation. Austin Health has always been awarded the maximum accreditation period, with the last major Results distribution We can provide electronic results to GPs via Healthlink, a secured method of distribution.

We can fax results to your practice and have the capacity to provide hard copy or digital images on CD Clinical Nursing Education CNE offers a variety of postgraduate courses which provide extensive clinical experience in your preferred specialty.

The clinical requirements of most postgraduate courses are completed at Austin Health. We offer clinical experience for a masters Current major activities within the department include: The Respiratory Laboratory provides a comprehensive diagnostic investigation laboratory for assessment of respiratory function. The Sleep Laboratory was established in the early s as the first operational Sleep Laboratory in Victoria and has developed into one of the largest and most comprehensive services in Australia.

Ward 5 West Ward 5 West at Austin Hospital is a respiratory and cardiology unit that includes respiratory high dependency beds and ventilation weaning unit beds. The staff have advanced respiratory skills and knowledge and are experienced in the use of specialised respiratory equipment used on this Ward. Asthma Patients with severe asthma often require humidified oxygen to relieve symptoms. All asthma patients must have an asthma management plan and are given information on puffers Services Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre is a specialist provider of intensive rehabilitation programs catering to people with a wide range of disabilities.

Services include inpatient programs and extend into the community offering a range of outpatient program and home based programs. Innovative flexible services are offered to empower patients to live with dignity and self-respect. Dedicated therapy, nursing and medical staff use specialised team approaches.

Referrals may need to be discussed with the relevant medical consultant. Please send via fax to: About Us Speech Pathologists provide specialist assessment and management to patients with communication and swallowing problems. Communication problems can include: Slurred speech Difficulty understanding Difficulty speaking Difficulty reading and writing Swallowing problems can include: Coughing when eating and drinking Food getting stuck in your throat Difficulty chewing At Austin Health we provide care in acute, subacute, outpatient and community settings General enquiries Kim McAughtry Phone: About us The Austin Toxicology Service provides for Victoria an integrated poisons information and poisons management service of the highest professional standard.

The service is the only inpatient service for poisoned patients in Victoria and has a unique group of senior medical specialists available for advice and education in all areas of toxicology and toxinology. Friday 11 November at Friday 21 April at Thursday 17 August at Friday 10 November at It was located at the Royal Children's Hospital from to The role of the VPIC is to provide the people of Victoria with advice about what to do if a person has been poisoned, has overdosed, has made a mistake It classically manifests as fainting, but can also present as drop attacks, dyspnoea, fatigue or nocturia.

More rarely it presents with symptoms that suggest a hyper-adrenergic state. Our approach to postural hypotension combines frequent 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring with judicious manipulation of What does the Gastroenterology Department do? Austin Health's Gastroenterology Department specialise in: Box Heidelberg Victoria Australia, Contact us About us The Pharmacy provides a comprehensive service to patients of Austin Health and supports other members of the healthcare team in all aspects of medicines management.

We aim for quality use of medicines by providing clinically focused services. Helpful Resources for Clinicians and Consumers The above link will take you to the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation website for everyone incluing adolescents, health professionals and spinal cord injury pain.

List of other Pain Service providers in Victoria Pain Living with chronic kidney disease may affect many aspects of a patient's life. The Renal Social Worker assists patients, their carers and family adjust to the changes that kidney disease brings, helping them to maintain their quality of life.

Patients, carers and families might be concerned about: Each of these areas, including the ward, requires an assortment of education material for both the patient and their carers'. The education material is generally in brochure format and From , he was Deputy Director, then Director, of The Orthotic and Prosthetic department provides an essential and valuable service to Austin Health patients and the wider community across Austin Health's 3 campuses.

With an onsite workshop, we manufacture and fit custom made orthotic and prosthetic devices and work with other allied health professionals to deliver a high standards of treatment across a large range of pathologies.

Our friendly team of prosthetists and orthotists, technicians and administration staff have a strong focus on Meeting of Minds May , Flowerdale The aim of the conference is to promote collaboration and collegiality by bringing together physicians, surgeons, researchers, doctors in training and members of the executive of Austin Health.

The meeting provides an excellent opportunity for meeting to share and discuss a unified vision in patient care, teaching and research.

The focus for Saturday is advancing Austin - beginning with lunch on Saturday the session will be structured to The Austin Clinical School welcomes medical students from around the world in their final year of medical training. We can offer week electives that are co-ordinated by our administrative team at the clinical school. All prospective elective students must first contact the Austin Clinical School at ah-clinsch unimelb. Applications outside of this formal process cannot be undertaken.

Please note that there is an If you can't find the information you want in your language, please ask a volunteer to help, or you can speak to a cancer nurse through an interpreter by calling the Multilingual Cancer Information Line on 13 14 50 , which is run by Cancer Council Victoria. You can also use Austin Health's interpreters, who speak more than 70 languages. Austin Health can provide you with the services of a professional interpreter or Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officer during your hospital stay or Palliative care - Frequently Asked Questions What is palliative care?

Palliative care is the care of people with an advanced disease where cure is unlikely. This care is extended to a person's family and carers. The Centre's service liaises closely with community palliative care services to ensure that the care is continued Wellness Program Co-ordinator 03 wellness austin. Will I be asleep for my surgery? How many days will I be in hospital?

How long do I have to fast? When can I eat and drink after my procedure? Who do I speak to about the date of my operation? What is a 'stent'? I am having my prostate removed but how long does my catheter stay in for afterwards? Case Reports Case reports in medical journals describe and explain the way in which a patient has experienced a particular medical condition.

The Consent Form required is to be used for a patient consenting to publication of information about them in a medical journal. In some cases journals may require their own consent form to be signed, for others you may use the Austin Health site specific Consent Form. Download Referral form in Word format Self-referrals are accepted, along with referrals from family members, carers and health professionals. Referrers will need to provide supporting health information or details of where this information can be obtained.

Please note that referrals for the Austin Given the diverse problems faced by this client group, the unit is split into two areas that provide different focus and expertise: Heath Unit This is a 10 bed secure ward for persons who need preferrential focus on their psychiatric or "behavioural" disability, rather Its core team is comprised of two psychiatrists, a psychiatric registrar and a neuropsychologist.

The clinic is conveniently run along the same corridor as a neurology movement disorders clinic which facilitates collaborative assessments when problems exist across neurology and psychiatry Austin Health Allied Health Clinical Education Objectives To deliver education that is innovative, flexible, and engaged with consumers, leading to outstanding patient care To promote education that is interprofessional, collaborative and integrated with research, leading to an outstanding profile and relationship with key partners To ensure education is clinically driven, recognised as a speciality and invests in our staff leading to a highly skilled and Biography Damien Phillips grew up in Melbourne's eastern suburbs and after an undergraduate science degree completed a postgraduate medical degree at the University of Queensland in After extensive post-graduate study and work in the United Kingdom and the United States of America, he returned to Melbourne and was appointed consultant surgeon in the Colorectal Unit at Austin Health - where he is now Profile Malcolm has been practicing as a specialist colorectal surgeon in the North East region since After finishing his undergraduate medical training at Austin Health, Malcolm trained in Melbourne, Adelaide and the United Kingdom before finishing his post-fellowship training in colorectal surgery in Research Profile Dr Catherine Hill is the senior respiratory physiotherapist and coordinator of the pulmonary rehabililitation program at Austin Health.

She also holds the position of cardiorespiratory team leader in the Physiotherapy Department. Catherine completed her Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy through LaTrobe University in and her PhD through the University of Melbourne in , which involved the development of an outcome measure of functional activity for patients BEME Collaboration Best Evidence Medical Education - an international group of individuals, universities and professional organisations committed to the development of evidence informed education in the medical and health professions.

If you are unsure which programs best suit your needs, the Brain Tumour Support Officer can guide you. These appointments can address your Contact Us Click here if you are interested in participating in a Clinical Trial or call T he Medical and Cognitive Research Unit located at Austin the Austin Repatriation Hospital is the largest dementia clinical trials site in the southern hemisphere and one of the largest in the world.

Of the 27 Trials at our site: What is a Short Stay Unit? A Short Stay Unit SSU is an area in the ED where patients go when they need assessment and observation without necessarily needing admission to hospital.

Sometimes patients may stay for more than 24hrs and can then go home. There will also be four beds to care for patients who have complex mental health needs. Why is this happening? There are also a number of researchers who are associated with the Austin Physiotherapy Department who are conducting research at Austin Health.

We work together with individuals, their families and their doctors to provide them with diagnosis, counselling and management advice. Medical Practitioners can contact us to make a referral or enquiry.

Individuals concerned about a genetic risk in their family are also welcome to contact our genetic Consumer Register Austin Health maintains a Consumer Register of patients, their relatives, carers and community members who are interested in participating in different improvement opportunities across the organisation.

Nominating for the register is voluntary and you can accept or decline any offer to participate in various activities. You can choose those that are relevant to your interest and experiences. Your personal information will remain confidential and will only be used for the Austin Health clinicians are now able to access your My Health Record.

In addition to being able to view your record, all inpatient discharge summaries will be uploaded to your My Health Record if a record exists. You have the right to withdraw your consent to have your Austin Health discharge summary uploaded to your My Health Record. Please let us know at your next visit if you have any concerns about this. What is a My Health Record? My Health Record is the name of the But after surgery to replace my knee, I can jump, I can skip, I can run with my grandson!

And I can care for my husband who needs me. The current cardiac ultrasound machine is not very portable and is in very high demand. If we had access to a portable cardiac ultrasound machine it would help us diagnose patients like Ibrahim sooner. Will you help us purchase this machine for Heart Failure Outpatient Clinic and Life changed forever for Rob, his wife Katie and their two young sons Bowie 3 and Rafe 1 when Rob had a devastating surfing accident.

In an instant, Rob had lost the use of his limbs. I can't change nappies, feed or bath the boys. I get carers every morning to give me a hand. I need special devices to help me eat. I can't pick up my kids or play with them. Emotionally this has been the hardest thing for me to deal with. At Austin Health we are committed to reliable and accessible, patient-focused specialist care.

We now offer appointments via Telehealth for patients who have difficulty attending the hospital. Telehealth provides the option of attending your specialist clinic appointment by video call with your Clinician. You can do this online from any location such as your home, work or by prior arrangement with your GP. Reduced travel time Reduced cost of Existing Projects Once a project has received ethical approval, work can commence. It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to ensure that all Post Approval requirements are met These links provide information for animal care and assistance in preparing AEC applications.

Please note applications and reports must use the Austin Health forms listed above and not the University forms. The Austin Spondylitis Clinic was established in as one of the few centres in Australia committed exclusively to the care and treatment of patients with ankylosing spondylitis.

To date, we have treated over patients with ankylosing spondylitis. Please make your donation today. Leanne had been busy with work, raising three children with her husband The department manages additional subspecialty clinics as well as providing a facility for practitioners to refer patients for Endoscopy Services. Referring your patient Austin Health's Gastroenterology Clinic accepts referral forms from GPs and medical specialists.

Referrals are triaged according to their clinical urgency. Developmental and epileptic encephalopathies are severe disorders that begin in infancy or childhood and lead to uncontrolled epilepsy and intellectual disability. These conditions are often caused by a genetic abnormality and, until now, were thought to be new in the affected child - not carried by either parent.

However, our collaborative study of families with a child with a severe epilepsy, found that in 8 per cent of the families either the mother or the father also carried the Better still, it is a non-invasive procedure that lets you get back home within just a few days.

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Hi there, Ever since moving to Australia a little over 5 years ago, my husband and me have genuinely missed purchasing in those large retail garments stores located in America. In unique, we loved buying at Gap. It didn't take us extended to realize that Gap Outfits did not exist below in Sydney, allow alone Australia! We have a little 1, and I can't even start to tell you guys how low-cost Gap is for babies all of the way as much as adults.

We have a very solution for you. We decided to commence up a blog writing concerning the recent trends of Gap in the US. You are able to stay on top with the latest fashion, styles, and colours whilst reading via our posts each week.

Not only that, but we've discovered people hidden areas where it is possible to truly invest in Gap garments right here in Australia! I bet you didnt know that was even probable: Anyway, if there's any info you need on Gap, or any other large clothes retailer inside the US, please allow us know. Let us know if you have any good ideas for new blog posts!

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