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Great for Healthcare Nutrition Professionals
Ionela Hubbard Licensed Accupuncturist. A gamified system of SparkPoints rewards tracking and healthy habits, and you can use SparkPoints to send virtual gifts to other users. Widdly is a tool for technical analysis charting and financial analysis of stocks, indicies, macroec Both a la calc and laboratory analysis yield accurate results if done properly. Free Rather than aim for a simple, cut-and-dried accounting of every calorie and macronutrient you ingest, Lifesum Android , iOS aims to help you build a healthy lifestyle, with plans for losing weight, gaining muscle mass or maintaining a healthy body.

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I honestly couldn't launch this new business without EN. EN is head and shoulders above all the other nutrition management programs we've tried. I am literally creating Meal Plans for my customers in minutes. And the efficiencies we are gaining with Evolution Nutrition means we're delivering more value to more customers. EN helps me provide value, and keep my patients engaged even when they're not sitting in my office. A powerful tool for professionals interested in delivering sound nutrition advice, while staying within their defined scope of practice.

Believe me, I've looked at them all. This one tool has everything I need to make the nutrition programming I do with my clients a breeze. I have used software that cost me twice as much and didn't do half of what EN offers. Evolution Nutrition is a win for any serious personal trainer! The meal planning software the Pros use. How Evolution Nutrition Works for you Make eating right simple for all of your clients Give them the freedom of Self-Service, or build custom Professional Plans for them.

Grow your business Work with any client, anywhere, not just the ones standing in front of you. Click here to see how to price your own Weight Loss Challenge Program. Get complete analysis of foods from all over the world. Plus you can add an unlimited number of your own foods and recipes. Analyze and see nutrient breakdown of unlimited recipes.

Modify, compare or create recipes for your facility or patient. Store all client contact and detail information in one place for a virtually unlimited number of clients. See how your client is eating using diet recalls or FFQ, provide menus and use our robust reports for nutrition education. Use the client or client group feature and track nutrient data for unlimited research participants.

Provide the study results to your statistician, manage a large group of participants easily. Rely on robust data using latest data sources.

There are many different ways to setup your data, talk to our team and we can help guide you as you begin your dietary intake process. Recommended Module For Healthcare. Nutritionist Pro will make your Life A Lot Easier Great for — Dietitians, Hospitals inpatient and outpatient , meals on wheels, govt programs and more.

Modify and Adjust Recipes See nutrient breakdown and then adjust or modify a recipe to make it healthier. Scale Recipes For Production Built in feature to scale recipes, see report of various serving portions to help with Production.

Blood Chem Software is now Optimal DX