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Sri Lanka Government Official Gazette 2018 July 13 (Sinhala / Tamil / English)
Studies have shown that breastfed infants do better on intelligence and behaviour tests into adulthood than formula-fed babies. The fifth report on the world nutrition situation: For whom Human Resource Managers of Government and Private organisations, Leaders of Civil organisations, Community Leaders, Staff of Non-Governmental Organisations engage in Gender studies, University students, Students who are pursuing law, politicians, policymakers, academics who are engaged in gender studies those who are interested in gender related learning. Vitamin A deficiency is a public health problem in more than half of all countries, especially those in Africa and South-East Asia, most severely affecting young children and pregnant women in low-income countries. It is a measure of the average achievements in a country in three dimensions of human development: When a government spends little of its GDP or attributes less of its total expenditure on health, this may indicate that health, including nutrition , are not regarded as priorities. Wealth, health and health expenditure.

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