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For example, two autoimmune diseases, DiGeorge syndrome and Nezelof disease, result in the failure of the thymus to develop and in the subsequent reduction in T-cell numbers, and removal of the bursa from chickens results in a decrease in B-cell counts. Joachim Zuther, Lymphedema Specialist. Two types of proprioceptors, Muscle spindle. Body Temperature Example A good example of system regulation of your body can be found in the regulation of body temperatures. Larynx, Anterior View, Posterior View.

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Lymphatic system

Lambert grew vaccinia virus in fragments of tissue culture from guinea pig corneal grown in lymph. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lymph Diagram showing the formation of lymph from interstitial fluid labeled here as "Tissue fluid".

Note how the tissue fluid is entering the blind ends of lymph capillaries shown as deep green arrows. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. Human Anatomy Gray's Anatomy.

Journal of Lipid Research. Webster's New World Medical Dictionary. Lymph capillary Lymphatic vessel. Lymph trunk Lymph Lymphangion. Nutrient artery Arteriole Metarteriole Elastic artery. Lymphatic vessel Lymph Lymph capillary. Retrieved from " https: Body fluids Lymphatic system Lymph fluid. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

This page was last edited on 11 September , at It plays an important role in red blood cell and iron metabolism through macrophage phagocytosis of old and damaged red blood cells. Tonsils are aggregates of lymph node tissue located under the epithelial lining of the oral and pharyngeal areas. The main areas are the palatine tonsils on the sides of the oropharynx , the pharyngeal tonsils on the roof of the nasopharynx; also known as adenoids , and the lingual tonsils on the base of the posterior surface of the tongue.

Because these tonsils are so closely related to the oral and pharyngeal airways, they may interfere with breathing when they become enlarged. The predominance of lymphocytes and macrophages in these tonsillar tissues offers protection against harmful pathogens and substances that may enter through the oral cavity or airway. Diseases of the lymphatic system include lymphedema, lymphoma, lymphadenopathy, lymphadenitis, filariasis, splenomegaly, and tonsillitis.

Lymphedema results when the lymphatic system cannot adequately drain lymph, resulting in an accumulation of fluid that causes swelling. It may be either primary or secondary. Primary lymphedema is an inherited condition that occurs as a result of impaired or missing lymphatic vessels; it may be present at birth, may develop with the onset of puberty, or may occur in adulthood, with no apparent causes.

Secondary lymphedema is basically acquired regional lymphatic insufficiency, which may occur as a consequence of any trauma, infection, or surgical procedure that disrupts the lymphatic vessels or results in the loss of lymph nodes [ 8 ].

Treatment consists of compression bandages or pneumatic stockings to alleviate the swelling after appropriate diagnosis is made. Lymphoma is a medical term used for a group of cancers that originate in the lymphatic system.

Lymphomas usually begin with malignant transformation of the lymphocytes in lymph nodes or bunches of lymphatic tissue in organs like the stomach or intestines. Hodgkin lymphoma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma are the 2 major categories of lymphoma, characterized by enlargement of lymph nodes, usually present in the neck.

Symptoms of lymphoma include chronic fatigue, weak immune function, weight loss, and night sweats. Lymphadenopathy is a lymphatic disorder in which the lymph nodes become swollen or enlarged as a consequence of an infection. For example, swollen lymph nodes in the neck may occur as a result of a throat infection or sinus infection.

Lymphadenitis is an inflammation of the lymph node that is due to a bacterial infection of the tissue in the node, which causes swelling, reddening, and tenderness of the skin overlying the lymph node.

Filariasis is a lymphatic system disorder that results from a parasitic infection that causes lymphatic insufficiency. Splenomegaly , or enlarged spleen, is a lymphatic system disorder that develops as a result of a viral infection, such as mononucleosis. Tonsillitis is caused by an infection of the tonsils the lymphoid tissues present in the back of the oral cavity. The tonsils help filter out bacteria; when infected, they become swollen and inflamed, leading to sore throat, fever, and difficulty and pain while swallowing.

Alcamo E, Krumhardt B. Marieb E, Hoehn K. Diseases of the Lymphatic system- Diagnosis and Therapy. Saunders WH, Wakely P. Anatomy and physiology of the thoracic lymphatic system. Surgical prevention and treatment of lymphedema after lymph node dissection in patients with cutaneous melanoma. The unique biology of lymphatic edema.

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Sections Lymphatic System Anatomy. Overview The lymphatic system parallels the cardiovascular system see the images below. Other severe toxins from root-canal bacteria include thio-ethanols and mercaptans which have been found in the tumors of women who have breast cancer. These toxins drain through the lymphatic system down the cervical chain of lymph nodes and ultimately in to the breast tissue.

In a series of tests performed at Dr. Issel's clinic it was observed that patients with odontogenous and tonsillar foci had a heightened level of dimethylsulfide in their blood. After intensive treatment of the foci, this level returned to normal in just a few days. Thio-ethers are closely related, both in their structure and their effect, to mustard gas and other poison gases used in the First World War.

To give you an idea of its poisonous effects the following is a list of the major symptoms:. Thio-ethers are "partial" antigens, haptens, and thus they also tend to combine with the normal proteins in the body, "denaturizing" them.

Such denatured proteins become "non-self" agents, which the body must deal with as such. The production of antibodies adapted to the situation will be provoked, and they will home in on the target antigens wherever they are. The process of "auto-aggression" will be set in motion: Extensive structural cellular damage will result and help create the environment for cancer.

Druckrey Heidelberg found among other things that transformation of a normal cell into a malignant cell requires a certain quantity of a carcinogen -the carcinogenic minimum dose. It does not matter whether this quantity is supplied in a single dose or in a number of smaller doses, because the toxic effects of each dose are stored, and accumulate without loss. The carcinogens held primarily responsible for the development of spontaneous cancer in man are those: Which inhibit the aerobiosis even in minimal quantities without at the same time immediately destroying the cell, and, which are constantly present in the organism in this minimal concentration of either endogenous or exogenous origin; they can therefore accumulate during the normal life expectancy gradually and unnoticeably until the total quantity necessary for malignization is reached.

Mercury Each year in the U. Scientific studies have concluded that the amalgam is the source for more than two thirds of the mercury in our human population. On a daily basis each amalgam releases on the order of 10 micrograms of mercury into the body. This mercury either accumulates in the body or is excreted via urine and feces into our wastewater systems.

After death, the accumulated mercury is released to the environment via either cremation or burial. Environmental mercury pollution is also caused by dentists who remove old fillings. According to the observations made by the internationally recognized medical researcher, Yoshiaki Omura, MD, all cancer cells have mercury in them.

Since mercury is the second most toxic substance on this planet, its presence provides a strong initiating factor for disrupting cell function. In the article, Nolte states that, "The wave spectrum of mercury contains more than thirteen wavelengths, whereas only one or two frequencies or wavelengths are usually observed for the other heavy or noble metals. Nolte's belief that the many harmful effects of mercury could be explained to some degree on the basis of this great variety of wavelengths.

Omura's clinical observation concludes that one of the primary reasons cancer returns is because residual mercury reignites a pathological environment even after surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and alternative therapies report a positive effect.

In the 's the ratio was 3 out of one hundred developed cancer. Real Cause of Cancer Cancer has only one prime cause. It is the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of the body's cells by an anaerobic [i. Case Study Index The information here summarizes insights and conclusions reached after completing writing the book Reversing Cancer: Smith Author of Reversing Cancer: Toxicity from dental restorative materials Dental amalgam fillings slowly leak mercury, tin, silver, copper and sometimes nickel.

The most common symptoms caused by amalgam fillings are: Chronic fatigue Tendency to chronic inflammatory changes- rheumatoid arthritis, phlebitis fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome Chronic neurologic illnesses, especially when numbness is one of the primary symptoms Lowering of pain threshold Allergy to dental materials used to restore teeth Having an allergic response to dental materials gold alloys that include palladium, silver, platinum, iridium, mercury fillings, acrylic denture material which contains methyl methacrylate, chrome cobalt partial denture framework, nickel based crowns, composite resin crowns containing polyurethane is a common cause of intractable pain, chronic fatigue, food allergies, chronic sinusitis and headaches.

Electro galvanism When two dissimilar metals are present in the mouth with saliva, an electric current will flow. Electro galvanism frequently is the cause for the following symptoms:

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